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The current version of OU Campus is, released on August 22nd, 2019. In addition to various bug fixes, it contains the new feature Image Size Sets.

An image size set is comprised of image sizes, managed in Setup Image Size Sets. Each image size configures dimensions and a suffix to apply to an image; an image size set creates a copy of an image according to each size in the set. Apply an image size set to a folder via folder access settings so that any image uploaded to that folder is turned into an image set. Images in a set are linked so that renaming or copying one image affects the entire set. Use this feature to create and manage multiple images for layouts and page designs that require images in several different resolutions.


Self-hosted customers will be notified by our team to schedule their version upgrade.

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Version 10.13 contains the new feature Web Hooks.

Web hooks tell OU Campus to send file publish information to a specified URL. This can be used to send an email or text notification when a certain page is published, or to sync files across a load balanced set, for example. 

The web hook URL is managed in your account settings, under Setup > Account > Web Hooks. Only one web hook URL can be entered for the account, and must be HTTPS, publicly accessible, and have a valid SSL certificate. It is to this URL that OU Campus will send file publish information, such as time of publish and the file name, location, and type.

To set files to trigger the web hook, modify the access settings of the folders containing those files, or for the entire site. All folders are opted out by default. If multiple files are published, and at least one is opted in, then data on all the published files will be sent. If a child folder is opted in, but its parent folder is opted out, publishing files in the child folder still trigger the web hook.

 You can view the release notes either in the Help menu while using OU Campus, or via the OCN.