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Current Version Link to this section

Version Number: 10.15

Release Date: December 12th, 2019.

New Features: LDP File Uploads

Upcoming ReleasesLink to this section


There are no scheduled releases at this time.

Self-hosted customers will be notified by our team to schedule their version upgrade when a version is available for them. 

Check our system status page for any scheduled maintenance or downtime.

 You can view the release notes either in the Help menu while using OU Campus, or via the OCN.

New FeaturesLink to this section

OU Campus version 10.15 contains the new feature, File Uploads for LDP Forms.

  • The "File Upload" element is available when building a form asset. This adds an upload button to the form. You can set restrictions on the allowed file types. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 25 MB.
  • Web visitors can then upload files when filling out the form on your website.
  • Uploaded files are accessible through the Form Submissions. They remain available until the form submissions are cleared.

To use the File Upload feature, you must provide S3-compatible storage. You must also schedule an upgrade with our support team to update your SSM, XSL, and other scripts as necessary to accommodate the new feature. Without these items, LDP File Uploads will be unavailable.