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Current Version Link to this section

Version Number:

Release Date: October 28th, 2019

New Features: Dependency Tag Revert for individual folders

Upcoming ReleasesLink to this section

There are no scheduled releases at this time.

 Self-hosted customers will be notified by our team to schedule their version upgrade when a version is available for them. 

Check our system status page for any scheduled maintenance or downtime.

 You can view the release notes either in the Help menu while using OU Campus, or via the OCN.

New FeaturesLink to this section

An image size set is comprised of image sizes, managed in Setup Image Size Sets. Each image size configures dimensions and a suffix to apply to an image; an image size set creates a copy of an image according to each size in the set. Apply an image size set to a folder via folder access settings so that any image uploaded to that folder is turned into an image set. Images in a set are linked so that renaming or copying one image affects the entire set. Use this feature to create and manage multiple images for layouts and page designs that require images in several different resolutions.