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Reusable Content

  • Why can't I unlock an asset?
    Form and gallery assets are permanently locked to site, because of their database and image capabilities respectively.
  • Can I put an asset inside a component?
    Yes and no. An asset chooser can be used as a form field for a component, but assets cannot be inserted into the component source code.
  • Can I put a snippet inside a component?


  • Can I put a component or an asset inside a snippet?

    Once a snippet is placed on a page, you can enter any kind of reusable content inside the snippet. However, depending on the snippet design, this may lead to unexpected results.

  • I placed my asset/component/snippet on a page, and now the page has a rendering error.

    Any code inserted into a page, such as source code assets or the source code of a component or snippet, must either be XML-compliant or appropriately encoded, as it will be processed with the page XML before page publish.

    Some common errors are:

    1. All tags need to be closed.
      Unlike HTML, all tags in XML must close, either as self-closing tags or full tags.
      • <img /> or <img></img>
      • <br />
      • <hr />
      • <link /> or <link></link>
    2. Boolean attributes must have a value.
      HTML has some attributes which are considered boolean, meaning the attribute can be listed without a value. XML requires all attributes to have associated values, so add a value repeating the name of the attribute.
      • async="async"
      • hidden="hidden"
    3. Special characters must be encoded.
      XML treats certain special characters in a unique manner. Any instances of those characters which appear in page content need to be encoded appropriately.
      • < &lt;
      • > &gt;
      • & &amp;
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