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OU Campus Requirements

OU Campus requires the following specifications to run on a web server.

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The sizing guidelines below approximate the hardware resources required to deploy a web server. Final estimates should rely entirely on the requirements of the institution, such as the complexity of the solutions needed and the expected number of visitors per page. This guide is designed to help you to find the hardware needs for a specific solution, or to find an upper and lower estimate for the hardware requirements.

Minimum Specifications

  • OneDualCore CPU at 2.0GHz or faster
    • Two vCPUs if virtual
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Two 80 GB Hard Drives
  • One partition for the OS and installed applications
  • One partition for website content (pages, static content etc.)

Optimum Specifications

  • OneQuad CoreCPUs at 3.00GHz or faster
    • Four vCPUs if virtual
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Two 1 TB hard drives
  • Combined in a RAID-1array
  • One partition for the OS and installed applications
  • One partition for website content (pages, static content etc.)

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The operating system and application versions below have been tested and found to be compatible with OU Campus.

Web Server

OU Campus is compatible with all standard web server software. This includes IIS 7.5+, Apache 2.2+ and Nginx. The web server must be able to support incoming connections via FTP or SFTP from the OU Campus server.

FTP/SFTP Software

For Windows instances that wish to use SFTP, we only officially support Bitvise SFTP Server for this purpose. The customer is responsible for the cost, installation, configuration,and maintenance of this product. OU Campus supports any FTP/SFTP software for Linux and IIS FTP for Windows.

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To publish files, OU Campus requires an FTP or SFTP account (i.e. "oucampus") with full rights to create, modify, and rename files and folders in the root folder for the site, which you specify. The account must be able to open multiple simultaneous connections, at least one for each user in OU Campus.

If you are a SaaS customer, we only support Passive FTP and SFTP.

If you are a Self-Hosted customer, you can use Active FTP, Passive FTP, or SFTP.

The same FTP or SFTP user created for the OU Campus application is used by your implementations team during development, unless an alternative is provided. For Windows instances, if using IIS FTP server, select "Unix Style File Listings" instead of DOS, to enable production server file browsing within OU Campus and designate your Passive FTP ports and whitelist them in the firewall for use with OU Campus.

OU Campus also supports SFTP with the use of public keys. A public key is generated by OU Campus and obtainable through site settings. This key is provided by the implementations team to be installed on your web server to authenticate the username instead of a password.

FTPS (FTP + SSL) is not supported.

Additional network settings are also required. For a full list of specifications, contact our helpdesk.