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Workflow Publish

In OU Campus' workflow system, you can (or may be required to) submit pages and files to other users for approval and subsequent publication. Conversely, you might also be an approver that other users submit pages to.

You may not have the ability to publish a page for several reasons. You might not be a high enough user level, or an approver might have been set for you, the page, the folder, or even the site or production server. In any of these instances, an enforced approver requires you to submit a page for approval to another user.

Submit for ApprovalLink to this section

If you can't publish a file, you won't see the Publish menu when hovering over the file in Pages, and when viewing the page you see the green Submit button instead.

A green button that says "Submit"

When you click the Submit button, a box pops up for you to send the file to another user.

  • Depending on whether the approver is enforced or not, you might be able to select which user to submit the file to.
  • A subject for the message is required.
  • You can also write out a message, perhaps with details about what changes were made, and choose to send an email to the user along with the OU Campus message.

Click "Submit" to send the file. It is now locked to the user you sent it to.

Approving to PublishLink to this section

View any files submitted to you for approval in Dashboard > Workflow. A file submitted to you for approval can be published the same way you would normally publish a file.

You can also reassign the file, sending it to another user for them to publish, or decline the file. Declining a file sends it back to the user who submitted it to you, without publishing it, and with the option to revert the file to its last saved version.

When you reassign or decline a file, you can also send a message with the page. These messages are visible for each file in Dashboard > Workflow.