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Manage Pages

While in Content > Pages, hover over a page and over File to see the options available. Depending on your user level, not all of these actions are available.

A list of files, with one colored gray. The cursor opens a File menu that has the following options: "Rename," "Move," "Copy," and "Recycle"

The Edit menu contains options for editing the content and access settings of the file. The Review menu contains options for reviewing the file content. The Publish menu contains options for publishing the file. The File menu contains the following options: "Rename," "Move," "Copy," and "Move to Recycle Bin."

You can also affect multiple files by clicking the checkbox to the left of their names. Use the square in the top left corner to select all files on the page to select all visible files.

A list of files. A box in the top left is indicated with an orange arrow, and all files are highlighted blue.

If only files are selected, you can move, copy, recycle, publish, or check out them all simultaneously.

Only users levels 8 through 10 can use the following options, and level 8 users can only affect files to which they have access.

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If you rename or copy an image and other images are modified with it, you're working with an image set. Image sets cannot be moved.

To rename a file, select "Rename" and type in the file name field. Press Enter to change the name, or hit Esc to cancel. 

Renaming a file changes its URL, affecting any links to it either on your site or externally. If dependency manager is active, however, all links to that file in OU Campus don't break. The "Confirm Rename" box shows how many files in your site link to the one you're renaming; these files are republished with their last published version once you confirm the rename.

Renaming should not be used to change the extension of a file, as this can corrupt it.

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Moving files can be done in several different ways. One way is to select "Move" from the File menu. You can also select the checkbox to the left of one or more files and click "Move" in the table header.

Many files are highlighted blue. An orange arrow points to the option in the header labeled "Move."

In either instance, after you click "Move," use the file chooser box to find where you want to move the file to.

You can also drag-and-drop a file to move it. Either drag a file from the file tree in your left-hand sidebar into Pages, or from its current location in Pages into a folder.

Dragging an image into a list of files. Some are highlighted green.
Available locations are highlighted green.

Because file URLs in OU Campus are created from the file's location in the site structure, moving a file also changes its URL.

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Just like moving a file, copy a file by selecting "Copy" from the File menu or by checking the box to the left of the file name and clicking "Copy" in the blue header bar. Then choose a location for the file copy to be placed via the file chooser box.

If you are copying a folder, you'll see an additional option at the bottom of the Copy modal titled Folder link options. The default option, "Update links to content within the copied folder," will update any links within the newly copied folder to point to the newly created files.Links between files in copied folder point to newly created files

The second option, "Do not update links to content within the copied folder: Links will point back to original folder and files," will not update any links within the newly copied folder. Links in the newly created files will point back to the original folder and files.

Links between files in copied folder point to original folder and files

You can also copy a file via drag-and-drop by pressing Control (PC) or Option (Mac) while dragging a file to the desired location. A green plus sign on your cursor indicates that you're copying a file, rather than moving it.

Files can only be moved and copied within their site, and not across sites in the account.