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Pages and Files

In OU Campus, each website page exists as a .pcf file. All your pages are accessed from the main menu, via Content > Pages.

A list of files in OU Campus.
These pages are in the "admissions" folder.

OU Campus uses a file management system, so your pages are organized in folders. Files such as images, PDFs, and other resources are stored in Pages as well.

Use the home icon and breadcrumbs, in the top left corner, to move back through the folder levels.
A breadcrumb displaying a Home icon > academic-life > greek-life

In the right-hand corner, click "Staging" and "Production" to toggle between the two servers. When viewing your files in staging, click on the name of a page or file to open and edit it. When viewing files in production, click on a file name to view it on your published website.

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When you edit a page or other file, it's checked out to you. This way, no one else can work on it while you are and make conflicting changes. A yellow lightbulb indicates that a file is checked out to you. You can click on the lightbulb icon to check a file in or out.

The name of a page is shown, highlighted yellow, with a yellow lightbulb icon next to it.

When someone else has checked out a file, it displays with a red lock icon. If a file is locked to someone else, you can't edit it. The only exception is for administrators, who can forcibly check the file back in again. However, keep in mind that if you check back in a file someone else is working on, any of their unsaved changes are lost.

A page name is highlighted red, with an icon of a red lock next to it.

Files that are scheduled to publish have a green calendar icon if scheduled by you, and a red one if scheduled by another user.

A page name is highlighted yellow, with a green calendar icon next to it.

Files that are scheduled to expire have a red "No" icon.

A file name is highlighted yellow, with a red circle icon with a strikethrough next to it.

If a file is pending approval as part of a workflow, it has a blue silhouette icon for its status.

A file name is highlighted blue, with a blue silhouette icon next to it.

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Use the filter bar in the top right to search the content visible on the page. Filtering searches through file content (but not source code), metadata, and file names.

Click on the black tag icon to the left of the filter bar to apply tags to your search. Choose a tag from the dropdown, which lists all tags used in the site, and the visible files are narrowed down to those with that tag. You can use more than one tag at a time, in which case the results are limited to all files labeled with every tag selected. However, you can only apply individual tags, not collections.

Once you apply a tag, you can also filter the results further by typing in the Filter field as you would normally.

When in Content > Pages, hover over a page or file for the following menus:

Depending on your user level, access settings, or file type, some of these options may not be available or be slightly different.