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The OU Campus interface shows you both your website pages and other types of content and features. While the main content view changes, the menus and navigation stay consistent.

A screenshot of OU Campus with the different menus numbered, as described below.
An example of what viewing your pages might look like.
  1. Main menu: Access most of your OU Campus content and functions from this menu. This includes your dashboard, the content menu (including pages, assets, and more), reports, and add-ons.
  2. Global Search: Search your OU Campus account for content, users and more.
  3. User Avatar and Settings: Your user avatar is set via Gravatar, a third-party website that uses your avatar on any Gravatar-enabled site. Make sure you use the same email address for Gravatar that you use for your OU Campus account.
  4. File navigation sidebar: Expand this to see the file structure of your website. Use the lock icon to keep the file structure synced to what pages you're viewing in the main content area.
  5. Main content
  6. Gadgets sidebar: Expand this to see available gadgets.

The Setup menu is available to Level 10 users only.

Logging InLink to this section

The DirectEdit link is a link on every page that you can click on to log into OU Campus. When you log in with the DirectEdit link, you immediately see the edit mode of the page with the link you used to log in.

If you log in too many times with a wrong password, you might be locked out of OU Campus. This depends on whether an administrator has set a number of attempted logins in the site settings. If your account is locked, contact an administrator at your school to unlock it.

Unless your school uses another method of authentication such as CAS or LDAP, you can request a password reset.

The fields to log into OU Campus, "username" and "password," are visible. An orange arrow points to a link below them that says "Reset Password."

The reset link is emailed to the address in your user settings; if you do not have a valid email address in your settings, you won't be able to reset your password.

DashboardLink to this section

If you log into OU Campus using the default login screen rather than DirectEdit, you are taken to the dashboard. The dashboard has several slots for gadgets; reorder them by dragging and dropping, and choose which gadgets you want to see by clicking "Configure Dashboard" in the top right corner.

The dashboard also has links to your workflow and inbox screens.