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How to use our software

New Features

  • Abstract representation of repeating elements in components.

    Structure your components

    Create components that have repeating form elements using the new group element. Level 10 administrators can now use components instead of table transformations.

  • Abstract representation of  W3C validation.

    Check the technical quality of your pages

    Validate your pages against the latest standard (Nu HTML Checker) when you run the W3C validator in page and final check.

  • Abstract representation of version management.

    Version management

    When you publish, OU Campus 10 and 11 will clear out versions of pages, assets, and binary files that are older than two years.

Recent Videos

User Permission Levels in OU Campus

User Permission Levels in OU Campus

Learn about the different user permission levels and the additional rights that can be granted to them.

Sept Training Tuesday cover slide

Introduction to Accessibility for Content Editors and Administrators

Learn about common accessibility pitfalls and problems as well as correcting common accessibility errors.

Using Social Media within OU Campus

Using Social Media within OU Campus

OU Campus allows you to integrate your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts with your CMS.


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