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    Image Size Sets

    Image Size Sets create linked copies of images according to custom predefined dimensions. Managing multiple images required for responsive design has never been easier.

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    Web Hooks

    OU Campus can call your own custom code whenever content is published. Set the Web Hook URL in the Account settings and then edit the folder or site access settings to opt-in files to trigger Web Hooks.

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    WCAG 2.1

    WCAG 2.1 (A, AA, AAA) is now available as a guideline for Accessibility Check.

Recent Videos

A PPT title slide for a presentation titled "Strategies for Training Your Editors"

Training Tuesday: Training Your Editors

Join Training Supervisor, Barbara McQuillan, as she shares best practices for getting your editors up to speed.

The title slide for a presentation titled "July Training Tuesday - Web Hooks"

Training Tuesday: Web Hooks

By setting a web hook, you can have OU Campus trigger code you write when specified files are published.

June Select Lists

Training Tuesday: Select Lists

Learn how to use and create select lists to enhance the content editor's experience in OU Campus.


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