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How to use our software

New Features!

  • A white cloud on a black background, with an arrow pointing up inside it.

    File Uploads for LDP Forms

    Visitors filling out your forms can now upload files for you to download!

  • A stylized image of mountains with the sun behind them, surrounded by a dotted line box with a small white box at each corner, indicating resizing.

    Image Size Sets

    Managing multiple images required for responsive design has never been easier.

  • A red mailbox, open, with an orange letter balanced inside. The landscape behind shows a blue sky with clouds and green grass and bushes.

    Web Hooks

    OU Campus can call your own custom code whenever content is published.

Recent Videos

OU Campus v11 Overview

 OU Campus v11 Overview

 OmniUpdate is proud to present their newest version of OU Campus:  v11.  In this webcast, Software Trainer Paul Warren will present to you the new look of OU Campus, show you how to enable this new look for you and your editors, and review interface changes associated with this version update.

Common XSL Elements in OU Campus

Common XSL Elements in OU Campus

XSL is the engine behind the OU Campus editing experience. It allows you to turn on and off editable regions, transforms the content in your snippets, and even pulls in include files. In this webcast, we'll review XSL elements that are commonly found in OU Campus implementations. This webcast is suitable for OU Campus Developers. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of HTML/CSS and familiarity with XML/XSL is a plus.

March Training Tuesday cover slide

Gadgets Overview for OU Campus

Gadgets are little programs that provide additional or streamlined functionality in OU Campus. This Training Tuesday will cover all Gadgets in OU Campus, how they are used, best practices associated with the Gadgets, and loading and installing new Gadgets. 


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