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  • A red mailbox, open, with an orange letter balanced inside. The landscape behind shows a blue sky with clouds and green grass and bushes.

    Web Hooks

    OU Campus can call your own custom code whenever content is published. Set the Web Hook URL in the Account settings and then edit the folder or site access settings to opt-in files to trigger Web Hooks.

  • A clipboard that reads "Test" on top with three items. One is checked off. There is also a pencil.

    WCAG 2.1

    WCAG 2.1 (A, AA, AAA) is now available as a guideline for Accessibility Check.

  • A yellow computer screen, out of which tumbles the alphabet in jumbled white letters.

    URL Shortener

    URL Shortener now uses TinyURL's services instead of Google.

Recent Videos

June Select Lists

Training Tuesday: Select Lists

Learn how to use and create select lists to enhance the content editor's experience in OU Campus.

The title slide for May Training Tuesday - Configuration Files.

Training Tuesday: Configuration Files

Learn how to modify and use configuration files, used with modules, RSS feeds, and more.

The title slide for a Training Tuesday presentation.

Training Tuesday: Extending Table Transformations and Components With XSL

By combining reusable content for information entry and XSL logic for creating the output, you can make items like contact info callouts, accordions, and more.

A blue screen with the white OMNIUPDATE logo. The title says "Tutorial: Table Separator"

Table Separator

By adding table separators to a table transformation snippet, you make it easy to create more space for content or duplicate tables. Suitable for developers.


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