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Workflow Gadget

The Workflow Gadget shows all items in your workflow and sends workflow messages to other users.

Location: Dashboard, Sidebar

Available to: All user levels

This gadget displays every item in your workflow, whether it's something you sent to someone else for approval, a page waiting for your feedback, or completed items. Click on an item in the list to see the message history for that workflow item. You can also click on the file name to view it, approve or decline it, or other workflow actions.

You can send messages to other participants in the workflow with this gadget. Messages can be either public (visible to everyone in the workflow) or private (visible only to you and the recipient). Public messages appear in blue speech bubbles while private ones are yellow.

By default, messages have the same privacy setting as the one you're responding to. To change who you send a message to, click the people icon in the bottom-left corner and pick a recipient.

A screenshot of the workflow gadget. An orange arrow points to an icon of two heads in the bottom left corner.

Choosing "All participants" sets the message to public. Private messages can only be sent to one person at a time.