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Bookmarks Gadget

The Bookmarks Gadget saves the URL of any location in OU Campus for easy access.

Location: Dashboard, Sidebar

Available To: All user levels. Bookmarks are only visible to the user that creates them.

The Bookmarks Gadget saves any view within OU Campus, including not just pages and folders but assets, custom reports, and more. Click the green +Bookmark button to save your current view as a bookmark.

Edit the title of a bookmark by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon. Delete a bookmark by hovering over it and clicking the "x." Bookmarks cannot be restored after being deleted. Reorder bookmarks by dragging them into place.

Bookmarks can be sorted into folders. Click the blue folder icon in the top right of the gadget to create a new folder. To add bookmarks to the folder, expand it by clicking the arrow on the left and drag the bookmark into the folder; you can't drag a bookmark into a collapsed folder.

If a bookmarked file is moved or deleted, the bookmark no longer works and instead display an error message.