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Google Analytics

Connecting a Google Analytics view to your OU Campus account makes those statistics available for use with the Site and Page Analytics gadgets. Google Analytics users with at least "read and analyze" permission in the analytics account to a view can add the view in OU Campus, as a level 10 user, from Setup > Google Analytics.

To connect a new view:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Google Analytics.
  2. Click the green +New button.
  3. Enter your Google account credentials.
  4. Allow OmniUpdate to access your Google account.
  5. Select which views you want to connect to. Add a description and choose which group the view is available to.
  6. Click Save.

To edit a connected view, either click its name or hover over it and click "Edit." The popup shows the associated account name and property of the view.

Deleting a view removes the connection, making that data no longer available in OU Campus.

The base filtering from OU Campus is specific to the HTTP Root as set in the site settings. If another site in your account is set up as a subsite of the main one, and exists as a subfolder of the main domain, then analytics data for the subsite are included in the analytics view of the main site. However, when viewing the subsite, only data for that site is available. A new view could be created and a filter added to exclude subfolders with a specific string in order to exclude a subsite from the main domain view.