Checked Out


    The Checked Out Content tab is where a user can see any pages currently checked out to them or that they have submitted to another user for approval. Unlike the Checked Out Content Report, administrators will not be able to see content checked out to other users from this view.

    Checked Out Content

    The Checked Out tab includes:

    • The number of items checked out
    • The ability to search through results by file or user name
    • Sorting by checked out date, file name, or file type
    • Clicking the status icon to check in content

    To check content back in, select the yellow lightbulb icon. A modal will appear asking you to confirm that you want to check the page back in. Administrators or other users with the ability to check content back in from other users will also be able to check back in any content they may have submitted to others for approval. However, checking this content back in will remove it from the workflow, and must be resubmitted for approval if so desired.