Login Page


The Login Page panel in SuperAdmin is where administrators can configure various functions with regards to the login page users see when they log into OU Campus.

In addition to the simple username/password authentication built into the product, OU Campus supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), CAS, and Shibboleth authentication, which can be integrated into the existing single sign-on method. The fields available in the Login Page panel provide the ability to customize the authentication method.

The Login Page features and functionality are optional, and can be defined with the creation of a new account or defined later by editing the account settings. Login Page settings are also available through the OU Campus interface for Level 10 administrators via Setup > Account.

The Login Page panel in the SuperAdmin interface contains the same fields and functions as the Login Page panel in the normal OU Campus interface. For information about Login Page settings at the account level, visit the Login Page (Account Level) page.

Login Page Panel in SuperAdmin

The settings available in the Login Page panel are:

  • CAS or Shibboleth URL
  • Announcement URL
  • Logout URL

CAS or Shibboleth URL: Enter a fully qualified URL to replace the standard OU Campus login page with a Central Authentication Service (CAS) or Shibboleth page for the entire account. CAS and Shibboleth provide single sign-on service and application authentication. For CAS, this URL should be the CAS service's base URL (do not include the trailing "/login"). Note that a Logout URL must be used if a page is defined for the CAS or Shibboleth URL.

For more information about using LDAP, CAS, and Shibboleth, see the Authentication page.

Announcement URL: If using the default OU Campus login page, this is used to customize the login page by specifying an HTML page that replaces the box shown on the right-hand side of the login page. Use a complete URL beginning with https://, as the OU Campus login page is also being served over https.

Logout URL: Determines the page that is shown upon logging out of the system. This must be populated when CAS or Shibboleth is being used.

Customizing the Announcement Page

System administrators can change the content of the announcements page that users see to the right of the login panel; in the example below, this would be the OU Campus v10 header, the text underneath, and the "University Business" image. 

Customized Login Page

Creating the Announcement Page

A customized announcement page loads a web page inside of an iframe on the login page. Any web format, such as .html, .php, .aspx, or others, can be used. To create an announcement page, follow the steps below: 

  1. Create an HTML (or other web format) page in OU Campus and publish it.
  2. Copy the full URL from the live website and paste it into the Announcement URL field in Setup > Account. Make sure the URL begins with https. For example:


    If the page does not load, ensure that the production server (or wherever the page is hosted) is configured to serve https pages.
  3. Click Save. If desired, log out of OU Campus and navigate to the OU Campus login page again to preview the announcement page.

The recommended size of the announcement URL window should be no larger than 720 x 600 for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. A larger window will cause scroll bars on screen.

Configuring the Logout URL

Note that a logout URL must be used if a page is defined for the CAS or Shibboleth URL.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account.
  2. From the Login Page panel, enter the URL in Logout URL field. The URL must be fully qualified (that is, contains http:// at the beginning of the URL).
  3. Click Save. The user is directed to the URL upon logging out.