The Revert function available in Setup > Sites allows administrators to remove all dependency tags from pages and other files in a site. When selected, OU Campus will scan all pages in the selected site for dependency tags and replace the dependency tags with root-relative URLs (e.g., /folder/file.html) or absolute URLs (e.g.,, depending on the site settings.

It is important to note that any dependency tags that exist inside assets (namely, Source Code Assets or Web Content Assets) will not be reverted when this operation is performed.

The Revert function is useful when preparing to clone a site (to ensure links on the new site do not unintentionally point back to the original site) or when performing certain Find and Replaces concerning URLs.

It is possible to conduct a Revert scan on any site that has been previously scanned. It is important to note that a Revert scan is not a revert process. It does not restore the pages, nor the links, to their states prior to the initial scan. It only removes dependency tags and replaces them with root-relative or absolute URLs.

We recommend not editing or moving pages while the revert is running, in order to ensure the revert catches every file in your site.

To conduct the Revert scan:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Sites.
  2. Hover over Scan on the site row and choose Revert from the drop-down menu.

    Revert Scan Option in Site Actions
  3. A prompt will appear confirming that the intended action is to have the dependent tags removed and all dependent links converted to root relative or absolute URLs, depending on the site settings. Click OK.
  4. At the start of the revert, a notification is shown indicating that the site is being reverted. This notification can be closed, and it is fine to navigate away from the Sites screen as the revert continues to run. The administrator will receive a new notification once the scan has completed or the next time the administrator is logged in to the CMS.

    Revert Progress Message 
  5. Once completed, a notification is displayed indicating that the site has been successfully reverted.

    Revert Completed Message