Asset Access (Site Level)


A Level 10 administrator has the ability to define asset access settings at the site level. This can be overridden for each specific asset. The Asset Access Settings modal includes the ability to selectively apply recursive changes with regards to asset access settings. Access settings for the creation of assets can also be assigned to each of the five asset types.

Site Asset Access Settings

Site Asset Access Settings

When an administrator chooses a site to edit its asset access settings, the Asset Access Settings modal is shown. From here, an administrator can change the access settings selectively and/or recursively for creating, editing, and using assets by assigning a group, whose members will have the specific access rights. The exception is the assignation of the Approver setting, which is a singular user.

Asset Access Settings Modal

The Asset Access Settings modal includes the following:

  • Access Group: Defines the user group whose members have rights to edit assets within the site. If a user is not within the group, then they will not see the Access item on the Content menu nor be able to see the Assets screen.
  • Available To: This setting defines the users who are able to see the asset in an asset chooser modal and place it on a page. If a user is not within the group, then they will not be able to place any asset on a page. 
  • Approver: Setting an approver overrides all users' approvers for this asset and requires that the asset be sent for approval. If not specifically defined, the default is to inherit from parent.
  • Enforce Approver: When selected, a user must send the asset to the approver. When not selected, a user may choose from the drop-down which user to send to.
  • Bypass Approval: Allows users in the selected group to bypass the approval process and immediately publish the asset.
  • Asset Creation Access: Optionally defines a group that has the authority to create each type of asset. By default, all of these options are set to be accessible by all users for all sites within the account.

The Asset Creation Access section allows an administrator to determine which user groups have the ability to create which kinds of assets. Each asset type available in the site is listed, with a drop-down menu appearing next to each.

Administrators can choose a group from each drop-down menu, which exclusively allows users who belong to that group to create the specific asset type. Users not in the selected group groups will still be able to edit the created assets in the Asset Manager and insert them into a page or editable region, as long as they are given the appropriate permissions from the Access Group and Available To fields.

Changing Site Asset Access Settings

Asset access settings can be made recursively in order to apply the changes to all existing assets as well as to all of those created going forward. Once the recursive option is selected, checkboxes are available next to each setting in order to facilitate the selection of only the settings that should be changed. To change a asset access settings at the site level:

  1. As a Level 10 administrator, navigate to Setup > Sites.
  2. Locate the site. Hover over the site row and from the Edit menu, choose Asset Access
  3. Under Recursive Modifications, the default, Apply All Settings to New Assets Only, will apply the new settings to all new assets going forward. To apply the changes recursively, select Apply All Settings to New Assets and Selected Settings to Existing Assets.Recursive Workflow
  4. Select the checkbox to choose one or more access settings to which to selectively apply the recursive changes.Asset Access Settings Recursively
  5. Choose the new value for each selected access setting.
  6. Optionally, under Asset Creator Groups, select a group to which to assign access to that asset type.
    • Use the drop-down for Web Content Assets to assign a group that can create Web Content Assets.
    • Use the drop-down for Plain Text Assets to assign a group that can create Plain Text Assets.
    • Use the drop-down for Source Code Assets to assign a group that can create Source Code Assets.
    • Use the drop-down for Image Gallery Assets to assign a group that can create Image Gallery Assets.
    • Use the drop-down for Form Assets to assign a group that can create Form Assets.
  7. When completed, click Save.

Individual asset access settings can be edited from the Assets screen by selecting Content > Assets. If a user changes access settings at the asset level, then those changes will override the site asset access settings.

For more information about changing an individual asset's access settings, visit the Asset Properties page.