Recent Publishes


Authority Level: All user levels have access to this report.

The Recent Publishes report shows all content that has been published on a site over the last 90 days, up to a maximum of 1000 items. From this screen, users can click the linked file to preview the content. Any version description or publish notes that were added at the time of publish can be viewed from the Versions screen. This report can be found in Reports > Recent Publishes.

Recent Publishes in the Reports Menu

From the Recent Publishes report, users can:

  • View the number of recently published items
  • Filter results by File, User, Publish Type, and Target
  • Export the report to a CSV file
  • Sort results by all available columns (File Type, File, User, Publish Type, Target, and Last Publish Date)
  • Preview the page in question by clicking the file path/name

Recent Publishes List View

Publish Type Reference Table

Publish Type Description
Content Deleted As in permanently, from the recycle bin.
Content Expiration Shown when a file has been expired with a replace or recycle.
Content Recycled Shown when a file is sent to the recycle bin as any products are removed from the production server or publish targets. Also shown if content is restored from the recycle bin and then that is "undone."
Content Republished When an asset is published, subscribing pages are republished. There are exceptions to subscribing pages being republished. See Publishing Assets.
Content Reverted Shown when a file has been reverted on staging, but not yet published
Directory Publish Shown when content is published with the publishing of a directory.
File Publish Shown when content has been published to the production server or a publish target. This can include a page, file, or asset, and includes when one or more files are selected and published, but does not include a directory or site publish. If content is published as a result of being included as an unpublished dependency, it is also shown here.
Find and Replace Publish This indicates that a find and replace has been performed and the results were published.
Scheduled Publish Content was published as the result of a scheduled publish.
Site Publish Shown when an administrator has performed a site publish.