Upload and Edit Image


An image can be edited and uploaded in one process from the Upload modal within the Pages list view of OU Campus, or when a user is browsing for a file in the Select Image filechooser.

Selecting and Uploading the Image

The ability to Upload and Edit can be found in two places:

  • From the Pages list view, click the Upload button.
    For Upload Type, choose Upload and Edit Image.

    Upload and Edit Image Option in Upload Modal
  • While inside the WYSIWYG Editor, click the Insert/Edit Image button and browse for a file.
    In the Select Image modal, click the drop-down next to Upload and select Upload and Edit.

    Upload and Edit from a Filechooser

Once either of the above steps has been completed, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the image file from the local hard drive for uploading and editing.
  2. This displays the Edit Image screen for the image.
  3. After editing the image as necessary, click Upload.
  4. Enter a filename for the image in the Save As modal. When Save is clicked, the image will be uploaded onto the staging server, where it can then be published to the production server or publish target.

Save As Modal

Editing the Image

From the Edit Image screen, the following functionality is available in the Tools menu:

  • Resize
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Undo
  • Redo

As the image is edited, an estimated file size is shown underneath the image panel. This size will change as the image is resized and cropped.

to learn more about the tools available in the Image Editor, visit the Image Editor Tools section of the Image Editor page.