URL Shortener Gadget



Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

URL Shortener Sidebar Gadget

The URL Shortener Gadget is a sidebar gadget which allows users to convert long URLs into shortened URLs. Users can then copy the shortened URL to the Clipboard or drag the shortened URL into the WYSIWYG Editor, Source Editor, or other document. Clicking the shortened URL directs the user to the page or directory defined by the original URL path.

Inserting a Short URL on a Page

  1. Edit a page using the WYSIWYG or Source Editor.
  2. Expand the URL Shortener Gadget.
  3. Enter the long URL into the field. Alternatively, drag an existing link from the page into the field by selecting the linked text and dragging it into the field.
  4. Click the magic wand to shorten the URL.
  5. Copy and paste or drag the shortened URL back to WYSIWYG Editor. 

The shortened version of the link is now added to the page.