Request Help Gadget


Authority Level: All user levels by default; administrators may restrict access through access settings.

Request Help Sidebar Gadget

The Request Help Gadget is a sidebar gadget allows users to easily send a message to a designated support group if they have issues. The gadget will send relevant data bout the user's current location to the defined support group, along with a custom message written by the user in need of help. The designated support group is set at the account level by a Level 10 administrator.

Configuring the Message Recipient Group

The group who receives messages from the Request Help Gadget is configured at the account level by a Level 10 administrator from the Setup > Gadgets screen. Hovering over the Request Help row in the Gadgets list view will bring up the Edit button. Click the button to bring up the Edit Gadget modal.

Hover Over Gadget Row in Gadgets List View

In the Edit Gadget modal, administrators are able to edit the access settings for the gadget (altering which groups have access to the gadget itself) and modify whether the gadget appears in the gadget sidebar by default, is permanently activated, or must be shown manually using the Configure Dashboard option. In the Properties, the Send To drop-down menu allows administrators to select the group to which all messages will be sent. Furthermore, there is an option to send a copy of all messages via email to every user in the group in addition to the Inbox in OU Campus.

Edit Gadget Modal

Using the Gadget

Using the Request Help Gadget is very simple. The gadget itself will send data about the page that is being viewed by the user, user information such as user level, and information such as the time and date of the help request.

To request help using the gadget:

  1. Open the Gadgets Sidebar by clicking the arrow icon in the top right of the screen.
  2. If the gadget is not visible, click Choose Gadgets (gear icon) in the top of the sidebar and click the checkbox next to the Request Help Ggadget in the Manage Sidebar modal.
  3. Once the gadget has been made visible, expand the gadget by clicking on its chevron.
  4. Enter in any additional notes and comments in the Message field and click Send to send the message to the help group.
  5. The message will be sent to each group member's inbox.

    Example Message Sent from Request Help Gadget