Assets Gadget


Authority Level: Available to user levels 1-10; administrators may restrict access through access settings. This gadget only appears when the user has opened an editable region in the WYSIWYG Editor or Source Editor.

The assets gadget as it appears in the sidebar

The Assets Gadget is a sidebar gadget that allows users to add previously created assets into an editable region. This gadget helps streamline the editing process when adding assets to a page, providing drag-and-drop functionality to the editing interface.

It is important to remember that the Assets Gadget does not appear in the Gadgets sidebar until an editable region has been opened in the WYSIWYG Editor, or when using the Source Editor. A level 0 user does not have editing capabilities and will not be able to access this gadget.

In the Assets Gadget, users can:

  • Filter the list of assets by name, tag, or type. All assets are shown by default once the Assets Gadget is expanded. Type into the search bar, select a tag, or choose a type from the drop-down to filter assets
    Filtering assets by type in the asset gadget
  • Preview an asset by clicking on the asset name. 
    • Web Content and Plain Text assets preview the content (whether it is HTML-formatted or just plain text).
      The gadget displaying a preview of a web content asset
    • Source Code assets preview the code.
      The gadget displaying a preview of a source code asset
    • Image Gallery assets preview a gallery summary that contains information about the number and dimensions of the images, as well as a list of all images with their titles, descriptions, captions, and any links. 
      The gadget displaying a preview of an image gallery asset.
    • Form assets preview a form summary that contains the number of elements, whether results are saved, and the success and failure messages; a list of all elements with their type, label, helper text, whether they're required, CAPTCHA, and submit button text, as well as information specific to each type of element (text field, radio button, drop-down, etc.); and information about emails sent by the form such as addressees and whether submitted values are included.
      The gadget displaying a preview of a form asset.
  • Insert an asset into the editable region or Source Editor from its preview.

The insert button on the gadget.

  • Insert an asset onto the page by double-clicking its name.
  • Drag an asset into the editing area to insert it on a page. 
    Dragging an asset into an editable region

Assets cannot be edited on the page or via the gadget, only from the Assets list view interface. 

In order for this gadget to be functional, assets must first have been created within the site. For more information about creating and managing assets, visit the Assets page.