The Workflow screen allows users to track content that has been sent for review through the approval process. The Workflow list view shows content that the current user has submitted to another user or received from another user. Additionally, content that has passed through or completed a workflow process (such as when content was approved and published, the request was declined, or canceled) is also shown in this view.

Workflow in Dashboard Drop-Down Menu

Workflow can be found in the global navigation Bar at Dashboard > Workflow or by clicking the Workflow link near the user's name on the Dashboard page.

When an administrator configures access settings for a page, users editing the page may be required to submit their changes to an approver in order for the content to be published. When this is the case, the Publish button on the page will be replaced with the Submit button. Users can include a message to the approver along with the submission. These messages, along with a link to the content, appear in the approver's Workflow list view.

Messages not attached to approvals that are sent to the user's account will not be found in the Workflow. They are available in the Inbox

Level 9 and Level 10 administrators may view the Pending Approvals report to view all content in workflow across all users.

Workflow Screen

Workflow Screen

The Workflow screen includes the following features and functionality:

  • The number of items in the Workflow. Each item is not an individual message, but rather all the activities associated with a specific file
  • Filter tool to narrow down visible results in the list view
  • Selection checkboxes to select and delete multiple messages at a time, or to view a single workflow item
  • Sortable columns in the list view. Messages can be sorted by From, Approver, File, Status, or Date
  • The linked file name which can be clicked to preview the content
  • Status icons indicated where the page is in the workflow process
  • The date and time that the content was last sent for approval


The approver can click the linked file name to preview the content. Content that is sent to an approver is automatically checked out to that user and the user can perform various actions on the content, including decline and revert. For example, if the content is an image, clicking the link in Workflow will bring up the Image Editor. If the content is a page, the preview of the page is shown. Please note that Level 0 Reviewers cannot edit files. 


A status icon is shown in the Status column for each content item. Content listed in Workflow can be previewed by any user, but only the user to whom the content was sent has the file checked out and can perform other actions upon it. Clicking a status icons shows the Workflow Message.

Status Icon Description
Pending Approval Icon Pending Approval (by another user)
Approved File Icon Pending Approval (by the current user)

Approved & Published

Approved and Published
Declined File Icon Declined
Canceled Icon Cancelled from Workflow


Within each item, there may be multiple actions. Every time a file is sent for approval, the sender can also attach a message. There are several ways to view the actions and messages associated with each Workflow item:

  • Hovering over the file row and clicking on the View option
  • Clicking the Status icon
  • Selecting the checkbox next to the item and clicking View

From within the View Messages screen, users can:

  • Click the linked file to preview the content sent for approval
  • View the status of the file (i.e. pending approval, declined, etc.) and the time at which the status was last changed
  • View all public messages in the workflow, as well as any private messages sent or received by the user, and the time at which the messages were sent
  • Write a new message
  • Navigate back to Workflow

Workflow Message

New Messages

Users can write a new message in the text field at the top of the messages section. Messages may be either public or private. A public message is visible to all users involved in the workflow, while a private message is visible to only the user who sent it and the user who received it. To set a message as private, select the desired user from the dropdown list. Private messages will be highlighted in yellow. 

Replying to Message

Messages are by default the same privacy setting as the previous one in the workflow; i.e., a message responding to a public message will by default also be public, but can of course be changed. 

The initial submission for approval and the resolution of the workflow item (e.g. publish, decline) will always be public. 


Once a workflow item has been resolved, it may be archived in one of the following ways:

  • Hovering over the file row and clicking Archive
  • Clicking Archive in the Workflow Message view
  • Selecting the checkbox next to the item or multiple items and clicking Archive

Items are archived on a per-user basis. For example, if Anna and Bob are both part of a workflow message, and Anna archives it once the page has been published, Bob will still be able to see the item in his own workflow. Once every user associated with a workflow item has archived said item, it will be deleted from the database after a period of several years. Once archived, items cannot be restored.

Note: Items that are pending approval by another user cannot be archived.