About Administrators


OU Campus includes eleven user levels that provide inherent and configurable options for administrators of the CMS. User levels are assigned by a level 10 administrator via the Setup menu. The Setup menu and its functionality are only available to a level 10 administrator. A level 9 (assistant administrator), while having additional privileges in terms of content and reporting functionality, does not have access to the Setup menu. The Super Administration interface also includes super administrator levels.

The functionality on the Setup menu includes both account-bound and site-bound items. At the account level, this includes the ability to modify account settings, create and maintain site settings, configure users and groups, customize the WYSIWYG toolbar, and add and configure gadgets. At the site level, configuration options include those for template management and social media, including Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The administrative tools are particularly useful for making specific features and functionality available or restricting them from use. Content regions within sites can be as permissive or restrictive as necessary. Understanding the inherent permissions and options available for user setup, and the assignment of groups via the access settings, are particularly useful when configuring the CMS.

One way sites can be customized is by modifying the WYSIWYG toolbar to enable only certain editing functions based on content type or content region. 


The commands visible on the Content menu depend on user level and access settings. These include:

Administrators can navigate the Pages list view in order to edit, create, and publish new content. This includes adding assets, snippets, RSS feeds and other content to pages. This might also include reviewing changed pages, assigning pages to an approver, and publishing pages.

For more information, visit the Content page.


The commands visible on the Reports menu depend on user level. All reporting functionality is available to level 9 and 10 administrators. Levels 5 through 8 can view a subset of the reporting functionality that includes Required Actions, Checked Out Content, Recent Saves, and Recent Publishes. Levels 0 through 4 can review the Required Actions and Checked Out Content. The Reports menu is site specific; data displayed will be relative to the site in which the administrator is currently logged in. In addition to reporting functions, the menus under the Reports menu might also include links to checking in pages or editing pages.

For more information, visit the Reports page.


The Setup menu, which is available to level 10 administrators, can be viewed as the configuration and main administration portion of OU Campus. Setup has some elements that are site specific, and other information that is applied to all sites within the account. Sometimes, a specific function will need to be enabled at the account level and configured at the site level prior to it being available for an end-user.

For more information, visit the Setup page.


The add-ons added to the Add-Ons menu can be configured to be available to all users or administrators only. the Marketplace is also visible from this menu.

For more information, visit the Add-Ons page.