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Training Tuesday

Our most recent Training Tuesday took place on March 31st, 2020, when we covered Gadgets OverviewWatch on Vimeo • PPT Slides • Omniupdate Github • Develop: Custom Gadgets

The next Training Tuesday will be held on on April 28th, 2020, the topic of Common XSL Elements in OU Campus. Register Here!

Recordings of Training Tuesday sessions are publicly available within a day of the live session, and have close captions provided within a week of the live session. View the album of all sessions, or browse our archive below for a specific training.

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  • Gadget Overview - March

    Gadgets are little programs that provide additional or streamlined functionality in OU Campus. This Training Tuesday will cover all Gadgets in OU Campus, how they are used, best practices associated with the Gadgets, and loading and installing new Gadgets. This webcast is suitable for OU Campus Editors and Administrators. Attendees should have some familiarity of OU Campus from an end-user or administrator perspective.

    Watch on Vimeo • PPT Slides • Omniupdate Github • Develop: Custom Gadgets

  • Social Media Tags in OU Campus - February

    When a webpage is referenced on a social media platform, it is often displayed with a title, description, and image. Wouldn't it be nice if you or your marketing team could define what those should be? That's precisely what Social Media Meta Tags were created for! Senior Technical Support Engineer Robert Kiffe walks you through how you can edit and maintain these tags in OU Campus, giving you the ability to customize your social media appearance.

    Watch on Vimeo • PPT Slides • Example Code • Social Meta XSL •  Social Meta XSL (with parameter)

  • Cleaning Up for the New Year - January

    Now that a new decade has started, it's time to go through your website and clean up some of the unused pages and files that have been accumulating in your folders. In this month's Training Tuesday session, join Software Trainer Paul Warren as he shows you how to utilize reports and reminders to weed out stale or unpublished content, as well as inactive users, and more.

    PowerPoint Slides

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  • Creative Components - December

    Components are a versatile tool that can handle a vast and flexible amount of designs, limited only by your creativity. In this month's Training Tuesday, learn how to think outside the box and create components for a variety of different use cases. This workshop is suitable for content creators in OU Campus with a basic understanding of HTML.

    PowerPoint SlidesSample Code

  • Problem-Solving in OU Campus  - October

    Running a website is a complicated business, with a myriad of potential tricky situations. In this month's Training Tuesday, learn how to leverage OU Campus to handle common problems and sticking points, from user management to enforcing accessibility to display fixes. Software Trainer Paul Warren will lead this informative session. 

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus Administrators. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of OU Campus from a content editor or basic administrator perspective.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Supporting Your Editors with Documentation - September

    OU Campus is full of features, and even after your editors have been trained, they may still need additional support. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating guides and tutorials for your OU Campus users. Software Trainer Billy Woody will lead this month's Training Tuesday session, teaching you how to create guides on style, accessibility, reusable content, and more. This session builds off our Strategies for Training your Editors webcast, available here:

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus Administrators. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of OU Campus from a content editor or basic administrator perspective.

    PowerPoint Slides Sample Documentation

  • Strategies for Training Your Editors - August

    Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of getting all your content editors trained on OU Campus? Not sure where to begin? Want to improve your current training curriculum? Join Training Supervisor, Barbara McQuillan, in this Training Tuesday as she shares best practices for getting your editors up to speed.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus Administrators. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of OU Campus from a content editor or basic administrator perspective.

    PowerPoint Slides Sample Training Outline  Sample Editor Guide 

  • Web Hooks - July

    This Training Tuesday, we will go over Web Hooks. By setting a web hook, you can have OU Campus trigger code you write when specified files are published. On file publish, OU Campus sends an HTTP post containing JSON data about the publish to the specified URL. Whatever actions then happen depend on the URL content, what data it is programmed to receive, etc.

    This webcast is suitable for developers familiar with server-side code.

    PowerPoint SlidesSample DataStarter Files

  • Select Lists - June

    Select-lists are a table transformation feature that give content editors dropdown lists of options to choose from when editing. In this Training Tuesday, we will go over how select-lists can be used to enhance the user experience managing data within a table transformation snippet. During this training, we will highlight some useful examples and demonstrate how to add and customize the required code to take advantage of select-list functionality in an OU Campus implementation.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers. Attendees should be familiar with XSL and table transformations.

    PowerPoint Slides • Example Code

  • Configuration Files - May

    Configuration files are becoming more and more common in OU Campus, used with modules, RSS feeds, and more. But sometimes, all those options can be a little confusing. Not to worry! Software Trainer Billy Woody will lead this month's session, teaching you all about configuration files and how they work. 

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus administrators of any level. 

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Extending Table Transformations and Components with XSL - April

    Your design may call for complex HTML code, but how to turn that into something users can easily edit? In this Training Tuesday, Senior Technical Support Engineer Robert Kiffe explores how to create advanced components and table-transformation snippets. By combining reusable content for information entry and XSL logic for creating the output, you can make items like contact info callouts, accordions, and more.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers who are familiar with XSL.

    PowerPoint Slides • Example Code Public Github

  • XSL 3.0 - March

    Have you ever wondered how to make your XSL more up to date? Explore the realm of possibilities with XSL 3.0's new features and how it could affect your XSL integration. This presentation will cover concepts that include expand-text, function chaining, xsl:mode, and more.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers who are familiar with XSL.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Components Inside and Out - February

    Components, OU Campus' newest feature, can be leveraged to output complex HTML that is not easily managed within the WYSIWYG. In this Training Tuesday session, we will take some common HTML outputs that typically require special handling and create components to generate these outputs without the need for any supplemental code.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers or high-level administrators who are comfortable with HTML.

    PowerPoint SlidesExample Code

  • Converting Table Transformation Snippets into Components - January

    Components, one of OU Campus' newest features, provide a whole new way of launching reusable content. In this session we'll be covering the basics of how to use components, how to convert your current table transformation snippets into components, and discuss identifying snippets that should not be converted.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers or high-level administrators who are comfortable with HTML. Less technically experienced users will also benefit from an explanation of how components work.

    PowerPoint Slides

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  • 3rd-Party Widgets and Custom Code - November

    Have you been putting off adding Google Tag Manager or Facebook pixel because you're unsure of how to add it to your templates? Or have you ever been stuck trying to add custom JavaScript or server-side code to certain pages in your site? In this presentation, we will demonstrate and explain the recommended steps for adding custom code snippets to your PCF pages and XSL templates. Whether you are trying to add custom CSS, JS, or even PHP to pages in your site, this session will walk through several techniques to help make these tasks easier to manage. Robert Kiffe, Senior Technical Support Engineer, will lead this presentation.

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers or high-level administrators who are comfortable with HTML.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • LDP Forms and Advanced Attributes - October

    Your LDP implementation probably came with some unique styling to match your site design, but did you know you can further customize the look and display of your forms? Ever wanted to make a textbox shorter or wider? Ever wanted to put form questions side-by-side on the page? Then join us as we delve into customizing your LDP Form display with columns, fieldsets, field display options and more!

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus developers. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of HTML/CSS and familiarity with XML/XSL is a plus.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Wrangling Your Users - September

    Is your site content starting to feel more like the wild west than your original site design? Looking for a bit more control over what your content editors are able to do and edit? In this Training Tuesday, we'll jump into the different tools administrators have at their disposal to control what content editors are creating and editing.

    This webcast is suitable for high-level administrators.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Managing Access Everywhere - August

    Managing access in OU Campus often focuses on directory and page access. But did you know, there are all sorts of features in the platform which can accept access settings? In this Training Tuesday, we'll shift the spotlight to examine these additional features including gadget, template, snippet, asset, asset creation and production server access settings. Barbara McQuillan, Software Trainer, will lead this presentation.

    This webcast is suitable for high-level administrators.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • The Mechanics of OU Campus - July

    Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of OU Campus? What is XSL, how does OU Campus use it, and how do your .pcf files become pages on the web? In this month's Training Tuesday, we'll walk you through the basic mechanics of OU Campus, providing an overview of how it converts your content into your final webpage and allows for the flexibility we sometimes take for granted. Robert Kiffe, Sr. Technical Support Engineer, will be leading this explanatory session.

    This webcast is suitable for all user levels, especially Content Editors and Administrators who are new to coding.

    PowerPoint SlidesStarter CodeReference Guide

  • Social Media Meta Tags - June

    As social media gets more and more integrated into our lives on the web, it's becoming more important that your site is represented well when it's linked on sites like Facebook and Twitter. With that in mind, this month's Training Tuesday is all about Open Graph tags and other forms of social media metadata. Software Trainer Brandon Scheirman will talk about what these tags are, why they're useful, and finally, how to add them to your site so you can start using them too!

    This webcast is suitable for OU Campus Advanced Administrators and Developers. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of OU Campus administration, HTML and CSS. Familiarity with XSL is a plus.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Accessibility in 2018 - May

    When's the last time you evaluated your site's accessibility? Have you considered how to maintain that accessibility going forward? Guidelines often change, and it's important to be aware of not only what's new and what's ahead in the future. Sales Engineer David Morton will cover what's up and coming in accessibility, including the new guidelines for 2018 and how to fix common issues.

    This session will touch on topics appropriate for all user levels, from content editors to beginning developers.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Archiving Your RSS Feeds - April

    Chances are, you've heard of RSS by now, and you've probably even used it on your site in conjunction with news articles or press releases. However, after a few years, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of articles you've created. In April's Training Tuesday session, Software Trainer Brandon Scheirman will show how you can harness the power of archiving your RSS feeds to organize your news, improve load times on your listing pages, and ensure that your items are preserved for as long as you want.

    This session is appropriate for level 10 administrators in OU Campus. Familiarity with viewing and editing source code is helpful, but not required knowledge.

    Powerpoint SlidesActivity Guide

  • Testing Design Changes Without Wrecking Your Site - February

    It was a huge undertaking, but you launched your site and are live in OU Campus! Now that all the work is done, you might be thinking about making some design changes. Maybe you want to incorporate a new logo or a new color scheme, or remove a section in your page, or even redesign a portion of your site. You have the design changes all ready; the only question is how do you test out those changes without wrecking your live site? Join us for this month's Training Tuesday as we discuss how to do just that! Software Trainer Barbara McQuillan will be leading this informational session.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Understanding the _resources Folder - January

    You've probably seen the _resources folder in your site architecture, and you know that it contains a lot of important files for OU Campus, but how in-depth is your knowledge when it comes to what these files and what they do? With this month's Training Tuesday, we aim to de-mystify the _resources folder, explaining what resides in there and what the various types of files are, what they do, and how changes to them will affect your site. Software Trainer Barbara McQuillan will be leading this informational session.

    PowerPoint Slides

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  • Building Custom Gadgets - December

    Did you know that you can make custom gadgets for your own use in OU Campus? Custom gadgets have been created that do everything from pick colors to apply metadata to pages. If you're familiar with code and looking to expand what you can do with OU Campus, then join us for an introduction to creating custom gadgets. Web Developer Alok Somani will cover the files needed to create gadgets, interactions with the OU Campus API, and how to install and use your gadget.

    PowerPoint SlidesDownload Example Files

  • Table Transformations - November

    Table transformations are a way to dynamically format content on a page, turning simple charts and information into image galleries, accordion displays, and more. In this month's Training Tuesday, Software Trainer Brandon Scheirman will explain the fundamentals of how table transformations work, explain how we build them in today's implementations, and finally guide you in creating a simple table transformation yourselves.

    PowerPoint SlidesDownload Example Files

  • CSS in OU Campus - October

    The work of website design is never done. Even when all your templates are finalized and your website is looking perfect, there's always tweaks and changes to be made. Knowing how CSS works with OU Campus can enable you to make these tweaks yourself. Join Web Developer Akifumi Yamamato as he goes through an overview of CSS interacting with OU Campus, including how to create a custom font style.

    PowerPoint SlidesSample SiteCSS and HTML Files

  • Site Clone - September

    Cloning isn't just something that you can do to sheep or read about in sci-fi novels. You can clone sites, today, right within OU Campus! This month, Senior Web Technologist Brian Laird will dive into the Site Clone feature available inside the Setup menu. He'll walk you through the process of cloning a site, offer up best practices for when to perform a site clone, and discuss alternatives to site clone, such as Publish Targets.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • All About Includes - August

    Includes are an incredibly useful file type in OU Campus, often utilized to make headers, footers, and side navigation. But on first glance, they can be a little tricky to understand. That's why we're making this month's Training Tuesday all about includes. Software Trainer Brandon Scheirman will be giving an in-depth explanation of what includes are, how they work, and how to use them, as well as some common examples in OU Campus.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Switching to HTTPS - July

    As web security progresses, having a site served over HTTPS (in which communications between your website and browsers is encrypted) is becoming more and more important. For this month's Training Tuesday we'll be explaining the process of switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS, including the settings that you need to modify in OU Campus. Software Trainer Brandon Scheirman will take you step by step so you can see in detail what needs to be done.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Understanding Page Template Components - June

    This month's Training Tuesday will dive into the template files that allow us to create new pages, sections, and other files in OU Campus. Software Trainer Brandon Scheirman will walk through the basic pieces necessary for a new template in the system. Then, he'll apply the concepts learned in the first half of the session to three examples, each building off the last. This Training Tuesday is appropriate for web developers and administrators familiar with the Source Editor in OU Campus. Before attending the training session, consider watching our previous Training Tuesday on this subject as a review.

    PowerPoint SlidesPractice Files

  • Recent Updates - May

    Over the past couple of months, we've had some exciting new additions to OU Campus with the 10.5 and 10.6 updates. With a new gadget, source code enhancements, changes to the Groups UI, HTTPS options, and more, let's take a look at some of the most recent changes to OU Campus.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Setting Up a New Site - April

    As your institution expands and grows, your website will need to change with it. Sometimes, that means creating a whole new site within OU Campus. While it can seem like a daunting and technical process, Senior Web Technician Brian Laird is here to break it down step-by-step and show you how to create and clone sites within OU Campus.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Exploring Reusable Content - March

    Reusable content is one of OU Campus' unique features that adds both convenience and expanded functionality and formatting to your website editing experience. In this month's Training Tuesday, Senior Web Technician Brian Laird will give an in-depth look at reusable content, including when it's better to use assets versus snippets, how to create and edit snippets, and troubleshooting common issues with reusable content.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Fixes for a More Accessible Site - February

    Making sure websites are accessible to all users is one of the most important issues in the world of web design, even more so for college and university sites. In this month's Training Tuesday, Sales Engineer Rich Paul will show you tips, tricks, and best practices for configuring accessible content and design on your site. Led by Sales Engineer Rich Paul.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Advanced Find and Replace with Regex - January

    Senior Support Specialist Robert Kiffe teaches you how to safely make complex global adjustments to your PCF or HTML pages. Get a brief introduction to regular expressions (regex), the ubiquitous pattern matching syntax that powers most text searching scripts, especially in OU Campus. Learn how to add parameter options, adjust editable regions, fix link URLs, and more.

    PowerPoint Slides

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  • Tag Management and RSS - October

    Rich Paul, Technical Product Specialist at OmniUpdate, discusses how to leverage Tag Management tags in your school's RSS and News systems for October's Training Tuesday presentation. Rich reviews Tag Management in general, illustrates how to start adding tags to RSS items, and discusses potential uses for this feature.

    PowerPoint SlidesDownload Practice Files

  • Google Analytics - September

    For this month's Training Tuesday, Logan Sackett, OmniUpdate's Business Intelligence Analyst, dives deep into how to leverage Google Analytics best inside of OU Campus, in addition to sharing helpful best practices about Google Analytics in general.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • All About Gadgets! - August

    You know Gadgets? Those little widgets on the right-hand side of your OU Campus screen? Chances are you're only utilizing a fraction of their full potential. August's Training Tuesday turns the spotlight to the under-used gadgets of OU Campus. Customer Training Manager Breanna Scott leads this month's webinar, highlighting how different gadgets can improve and streamline the OU Campus experience. In addition, she delivers some helpful tips and tricks in regards to using gadgets.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Tag Management and XSL - July

    For this month's Training Tuesday, Instructional Designer Brandon Scheirman reviews the main features of Tag Management and talks about how we can extend the functionality of tags to published web pages. To do so, we discuss the XSL API for Tag Management, a set of eight API calls used by XSL. During the webinar, Brandon explains the different API calls and how to trigger them using XSL, then walks through some hypothetical applications of the API, and discusses some demonstration files that customers can use to try things out in their own sites.

    PowerPoint SlidesDownload Practice Files

  • All About Reports - June

    This month's Training Tuesday dives deep into the Reports area of OU Campus. Instructional Designer Brandon Scheirman gives an overview of how to use each report in the system, offers best practices for when said reports are extra useful, and answers attendee questions along the way.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Access and Workflow in Depth - May

    This month's Training Tuesday covers Access and Workflow, one of the most important aspects of administration in OU Campus. Instructional Designer Brandon Scheirman walks attendees through the process of establishing access settings and workflow for a site full of users from start to finish, sharing important best practices along the way.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Understanding Page Templates - April

    This month's Training Tuesday is all about page templates. Instructional Designer Brandon Scheirman dives into the components that are needed to create a new page template. He discusses the files in detail and walks users through the process of creating a new page template from an existing PCF in OU Campus.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • LDP Form Enhancements - March

    This month's Training Tuesday is another preview for version 10.4, this time focusing exclusively on the enhancements coming to LDP forms. Instructional Designer Brandon Scheirman covers the enhancements to forms in detail, including the two new form elements, the ability to add helper text and mark all form elements as required, and the enhancements to Form Settings. Additionally, as a bit of review, he walks through the creation of a new form from scratch.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • New Features in 10.4 - January

    The first Training Tuesday of 2016 is a "Teaser Tuesday" to preview the upcoming enhancements to OU Campus with version 10.4, to be released in February. The Notes Gadget, Bookmarks Gadget, and tag management are covered in an in-depth live demonstration, and enhancements to LDP Forms are covered in a quick PowerPoint presentation with extensive Q&A.

    PowerPoint Slides