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Just like pages and files, folders can be published, pushing the contents of the folder onto your live website. Only level 10 users have this ability.

To publish a folder:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages and find the folder(s) you want to publish.
  2. Hover over the folder and select "Publish," or to publish multiple folders, select the checkbox next to them and click "Publish" from the blue header bar.
  3. The following options are available:
    • Include Checked-Out Files: Any files in the folder that are checked out, whether to you or another user, are published. The files stay checked out afterward.
    • Include Files Scheduled for Publish: Any files in the folder scheduled to be published are published with the others. The files stay scheduled to publish afterward.
    • Include Files in Workflow: Any files in the folder that are part of a workflow are published. The files remain in the workflow afterward.
    • Publish Changed Files Only: Only pages that have been modified since their last published version publish if this is checked. This includes checked-out files and newly-created files that have not yet been published.
    • Use Last Published Version: Check this to use the last published version of all files within the folder when you publish it. Any changes in progress or unpublished pages aren't published. This can be useful for when a design change or some other modification requires a republish of the folder, but you don't want to update the content.
    • Exclude Binary Files: Binary files such as images and PDFs aren't published if this is checked.
    • Include Unpublished Dependencies: If any of the files being published link to other images or files that have not yet been published, those will be published too. This only works if dependency manager is turned on.
    • Publish Target: If your website has been set up with more than one publish target, you can publish the folder to a different location than the live website. Use this dropdown to select which one.
    • Version Description: The description entered is added to the version history of every published file in the folder.
  4. Click "Publish."

Once the folder publishes, you get an inbox message with the results of the publish, including if any files could not be published and why.