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Scheduled Publish

You can schedule a file to publish at a later date. This can be useful for preparing content in advance of a specific date or deadline.

To schedule a file to publish, either:

  • While viewing a file, click the green Publish button and switch to the "Schedule" tab
  • While viewing a file, click the dropdown menu of the green Publish button and select "Schedule"
  • While in Pages, hover over the file you want to publish and select Publish > Schedule.

Files can only be scheduled on a file-by-file basis.

Schedule Options

The "Schedule" tab has the following options:

  • Date: The day you want the file to publish.
  • Time: The time you want the file to publish.
  • Repeat Every: You can schedule the page to republish at the interval you set.
  • Notification: You can have OU Campus email you when the scheduled publish happens by checking "Send Copy to Email." Use the "Subject" and "Message" fields to write that email.

Once a file is scheduled to publish, it has a calendar icon in Pages.

If a scheduled publish fails, you get a failure message either via email or your inbox. OU Campus then attempts to publish the page two more times, at fifteen-minute intervals. If the publish still fails, the scheduled publish is removed and another message sent to you.

Removing a Scheduled Publish

If you want to edit the file, you have to remove the scheduled publish, make your changes, and then reschedule it to publish. You also cannot immediately publish a file if it is scheduled. A scheduled publish can only be removed by the user who set it or level 9 and 10 users. To remove a scheduled publish, either:

  • In Pages, click on the calendar icon.
  • While viewing the page, click the red Remove Scheduled Publish button at the top of the page.

A scheduled publish can be rescheduled from the Scheduled Actions report.