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The reports in OU Campus for Mobile are a simplified version of the reports in the desktop interface. Switch between reports using the blue dropdown at the top of the screen. Many reports preview a page when you select it; to return to the report, use the back arrow on the top bar.

Checked-Out ContentLink to this section

The Checked-Out Content report shows what pages, assets, and other files have been checked out, including files scheduled to publish or in a workflow. Users levels 9 and 10 see not only their own checked-out content but items belonging to other users, and can check in files checked out to others if necessary.

Checking in a page from someone else loses any unsaved changes they've made. If a page is in a workflow, it can't be checked back in; use the Pending Approvals report to manage files in workflow instead.

Pending ApprovalsLink to this section

The Pending Approvals report shows files awaiting approval in a workflow. Users levels 9 and 10 see any files pending approval, while levels 0 through 8 only see files submitted to themselves.

Selecting a file brings up the options to reassign, check in, or view it. If the file was submitted to you, you can also publish or decline it.

Scheduled ActionsLink to this section

The Scheduled Actions report shows pages and files that have a reminder or are scheduled to expire or publish. Users levels 9 and 10 see all scheduled actions, while users levels 0 through 8 see the scheduled actions they set themselves.

Recent SavesLink to this section

The Recent Saves report shows all content in a site that has been saved over the last ninety days, with information about the type of save and which user saved it, and when. Selecting a file previews it.

Recent PublishesLink to this section

The Recent Publishes report shows all content in a site that has been published over the last 90 days, with who published the file and when. Selecting a file previews it.