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Offerings, including Modules available for purchase in the Marketplace, provide additional features and functionality for OU Campus. They can be purchased during your initial implementation or added on later as a separate professional service.

Some modules are published and managed by our professional partners and vendors; refer to those publishers for support documentation. The modules below are OmniUpdate-made and -supported.

A green chalkboard background with a drawing of the word "COURSES" with many topics around it

Course Catalog

Use OU Campus to create a course catalog, including pages for both courses and programs, dynamic listing pages, and PDF output. Either import data from a separate catalog site or manage it entirely in OU Campus.

An orange background with a laptop. The laptop has an envelope on the screen and a paper airplane flying over it.

Email Campaign Manager

Build responsive email designs in OU Campus, and then use the ECM interface to send and analyze email marketing campaigns.

In front of a green background, a hand holds up a yellow megaphone with lightning bolts coming out to indicate sound.

Emergency Alerts

This module displays a banner across your website with any emergency warnings or announcements you create. Can be managed from mobile as well.


A grid featuring stylized portraits of people of many different ages, races, and genders.

Faculty Directory

Create uniform and easily-updatable MultiEdit profiles for your faculty, and aggregate all the data into a listing page. This module supports pulling data from external content sources.

A top-down view of hands on a keyboard, surrounded by a network of different icons.

Live Delivery Platform

This is the module that powers three kinds of assets: forms, galleries, and comments. Because this module is so commonly included in implementations, it's not actually offered via the marketplace - reach out to your account director at OmniUpdate instead.

A top-down view of hands on a keyboard with a coffee cup, pen and pencil, magnifying glass, and clipboard.

OU Blogs

Use OU Campus as a blogging or news platform, complete with metadata, tagging, and RSS capabilities.


A calendar page with a large "20" on it

OU Calendar

A calendar of events that allows for filtered display and importing an events feed into OU Campus to display on your pages.

A stream of points with a magnifying glass over it that reveals gears. There is a line chart in the background.

OU Insights

Runs reports on your website to give you information on SEO, accessibility, spelling, and links, with the ability to view results on a page-by-page basis.

Lots of hands reaching up holding chat bubbles that say things like "News," "Tweet," and "Share"

OU Mashup

Connect to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, and display their content on your website page.

A hand holds a magnifying glass over a tablet, showing many images related to academia

OU Search

Provides a search engine for your website. In the administrator interface, you have a range of configuration options for ranking results, setting up indexing, and more.