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Snippets Gadget

The Snippets Gadget inserts snippet into a page you are editing.

Location: Sidebar while editing a page in the WYSIWYG or source editor

Available to: Users levels 1 through 10

While editing a page, use this gadget to add snippets into the page content. Filter the available snippets by category.

When you click on a snippet, you see a preview of it. Remember that the snippet looks somewhat different in preview than it does on the page, because the page styling (such as fonts and colors) has not been applied to it yet. You can toggle between the preview and the snippet code using the buttons in the bottom-left of the preview.

An arrow points to two buttons at the bottom of a pop-up box. One is highlighted blue and has a puzzle piece icon. The other has a "</>" icon.

To insert a snippet into the page:

  • Click "Insert" from the preview.
  • Double-click the snippet in the list.
  • Drag the snippet into the editable region.