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Quick Publish Gadget

The Quick Publish saves and publishes a page you're editing in one click.

Location: Sidebar while in an open editable region of a page

Available to: Users levels 9 and 10 by default, but can be granted to all users

This gadget saves and publishes a page in one click without exiting the editable region or checking the page back in. When using Quick Publish, the only publish options available are choosing a publish target and adding a version description.

The Quick Publish gadget bypasses final check, even if it is enforced for page publish normally. If you are a Level 10 user who doesn't want your users to avoid final check, restrict access to the Quick Publish gadget from the setup menu. However, if an approver is enforced for the page, then the Quick Publish gadget won't give you the option to publish. Instead, the option is to save and submit the page for approval.