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Notes Gadget

The Notes Gadget is a place to write notes both for yourself and others on a page.

Location: Sidebar while viewing a page

Available to: All user levels

With the Notes gadget, you can leave both public and private notes on any page you have access to. Public notes are visible to anyone who edits the page, while private notes are only visible to you. The notes display on a per-page basis.

Type into the blank field to leave a note and click the save icon to save it. You can edit and delete your own notes, but not those of other users. The only exception to this is Level 10 users, who can delete anyone's notes.

Switch from public to private notes by using the "Public" and "Private" tabs at the top of the gadget. Click the "All" dropdown in the top right to filter for notes within a certain range of time.

When a page is recycled, the notes remain associated with it and are restored if the page is. However, if a page is permanently deleted, the notes are gone with it as well.

If a user is deleted from OU Campus, their notes remain in the gadget, but the name of the poster becomes "Deleted User."