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Link Check Gadget

The Link Check Gadget runs a link check on a page you are viewing, identifying all broken links.

Location: Sidebar while previewing or editing a page

Available To: All user levels

Click the Find Broken Links button to scan the page for any broken links. The scope of the search depends on how you view the page:

  • If you view the entire page in "Preview" or "Edit," all links on the page are checked. Be aware that this includes links in content regions that are not actually part of the page file, such as headers and side navigation. To fix broken links in those regions, you have to modify those separate files.
  • If you are in an open editable region, the gadget only checks links in the region you are editing.

When the search is completed, all broken links on the page are highlighted yellow, and listed in the gadget as well. Hover over a link in the gadget to see where on the page it is. Click on a broken link in the gadget to see where it links to and the error status.

To re-run the link check, use the cycling arrows icon in the top-right corner of the gadget. You can also send a report of the broken links on the page by clicking the envelope icon. Choose the recipient, write a message, and choose whether to send a copy to that user's email before clicking Send.