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Gadgets are little programs that provide additional or streamlined functionality in OU Campus. System gadgets are provided with your account or can be added from the Marketplace, but gadgets from our professional partners or vendors are also offered on the Marketplace, and custom gadgets can be installed by developers at your school too. We provide documentation only on OU Campus system gadgets.

New gadgets added to OU Campus with a version release are available in the Marketplace!

Some gadgets are only available on your dashboard or in the gadgets sidebar, while others are available in both. You can choose which gadgets you want to display in either location. Gadgets are context-specific, meaning they only appear when they are in a situation where they can be used. For example, the Images Gadget only appears when you are editing a page and can insert an image.

Level 10 users can also manage gadgets from the setup menu. This includes access settings for gadgets, limiting who can use them. If you want to use a certain gadget but don't see it when adding gadgets to your dashboard or sidebar, it may be because an administrator has restricted use of that gadget.

Dashboard GadgetsLink to this section

Your dashboard has slots for displaying gadgets. The gadgets available for use on your dashboard show site-wide activity, such as the Site Analytics Gadget or the My Checked-Out Content Gadget.

To choose which gadgets show on your dashboard, click "Configure Dashboard" in the top-right corner.

An orange arrow points to a blue cog icon with the text "Configure Dashboard."

Choose which gadgets you want to display on your dashboard; those currently added are highlighted green. On your dashboard, you can change the position of the gadgets by dragging and dropping them into slots.

Gadgets SidebarLink to this section

The gadgets sidebar is on the right-hand side of your screen and can be expanded by clicking the plug icon.

An orange arrow points to a button with a two-prong plug icon

Choose which gadgets you want to show in the sidebar by clicking the gear icon next to Gadgets. Those currently added to your sidebar are highlighted green. Each gadget can also be expanded and collapsed, and reordered by dragging them into place in the list.