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Assets Gadget

The Assets Gadget inserts assets into a page you are editing.

Location: Sidebar while editing a page in WYSIWYG or source code

Available to: Users levels 1 through 10

Filter the list of available assets by name, tag, or type. When you click on an asset, you see a preview of it:

  • Web content, plain text, and source code assets preview the asset content.
  • Image gallery assets preview a gallery summary with the number and thumbnail dimensions of the images, as well as each image in the gallery and any text attached to them.
  • Form assets preview a form summary with the number of questions in the form and the success and failure messages; a list of all questions in the form with all their relevant information; and the email message settings of the asset.

To insert an asset, either:

  • Click "Insert" while previewing the asset.
  • Double-click the asset name.
  • Drag the asset into the editing area.