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Web Content Assets

Web content assets are used for entering formatted text or media items such as images or videos.

Create New

  1. Navigate to Content > Assets.
  2. Click the green +New button.
  3. Select "Web Content."
  4. An asset name is required. Description and tags are optional, but tags can make it easier to find when searching for an asset to place on a page. Checking "Lock to site" means the asset can only be used in the site where it was created.
  5. Set access settings for the asset if desired.
  6. Create your content in the mini-WYSIWYG editor. The toolbar available is a condensed version of the full classic editor.
  7. Click Create to make the asset.

Your asset is now available for use on pages, but must be published before it appears on any live webpages.

Using Web Content Assets

Because web content assets can contain many kinds of content, they are one of the most flexible assets and have a wide variety of uses. In addition to media such as videos and images, they can have styled text; hyperlinking, including to dependency tags; and snippets. However, other assets cannot be nested inside web content assets.

All content in a web content asset must be HTML-valid.