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Review Assets

The options for reviewing assets are a limited form of those for pages. Assets can be previewed, have versions saved, and have a changelog.

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What you see when you preview an asset (either by clicking on its name or by hovering over the asset in Content > Assets and selecting Review > Preview) depends on the asset type.

For plain text, source code (including comments), and web content assets, preview shows the general properties of the asset and the asset content.

For image gallery assets, preview shows the general properties, the gallery settings, a thumbnail of each image in the gallery with any attached metadata, and the gallery XML.

For form assets, preview shows the general properties, the form settings, a preview of each question in the form, any email messages for the form, and the form XML.

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Like pages, assets have a version saved each time they are published, and also can have versions manually saved.

Access asset versions by:

  • In Content > Assets, hover over a checked-out asset and select Review > Versions.
  • When viewing a checked-out asset, clicking Versions in the top toolbar.

You can view the version of an asset, or revert the asset to that version. Reverting an asset requires you to publish it before the changes go live on your website.

To revert to a previous version:

  1. View the versions of a checked-out asset.
  2. Hover over the version you want. Click "View" to preview that version, or click "Revert."
  3. You're asked to confirm if you want to revert the asset. Click "Revert."

To manually save an asset version:

  1. In Content > Assets, hover over the checked-out asset and select Review > Save Version,
    When viewing a checked-out asset, click "Save Version" in the top toolbar.
    A row of buttons. A button with a download symbol is circled in orange.
  2. In the Save Version box, enter a version description. Though optional, version descriptions are recommended to log changes or differentiate between versions. This can come in handy should you need to revert the page in the future. Click "current state" to see a preview of the asset.
  3. Click "Save Version."

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The log for an asset is similar to the page log. It shows a list of actions performed on the asset, when the actions were performed, and by whom. Access the log by:

  • In Content > Assets, hover over an asset and select Review > Log.
  • While viewing an asset, click "Properties" in the top toolbar and click "Log" in the lefthand menu.