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Publish Assets

Just like pages, assets must be published after creation or editing for their content to appear on pages in the website. When an asset is published, a version of it is saved and all pages subscribing to that asset are republished using the last published version of the page. Thus, the pages are immediately updated with the new asset content.

To publish an asset:

  1. Navigate to Content > Assets.
  2. Either hover over an asset and select Publish > Publish, or view an asset and select the green Publish button from the top toolbar.
  3. Optionally, enter a version description.
  4. Publish the asset.

Scheduled PublishLink to this section

Assets can also be set to publish at a later specified date. When publishing an asset, use the Schedule tab to schedule a publish for the asset. Or alternatively, hover over an asset and select Publish > Schedule. The options are the same as those for scheduling a page publish.

Workflow PublishLink to this section

Assets can also be submitted to another user for approval instead of being directly published; in fact, depending on access settings, this may be required.

To submit an asset for approval:

  1. In Content > Assets, check out the asset.
  2. Hover over it and select Publish > Submit for Approval.
  3. Choose a user to send the asset to, if it isn't already enforced, and enter a subject. A message is optional but can be useful to explain what changes you made.
  4. Click Submit. The asset is now checked out to that other user and you can't make any edits to it until it is published or returned to you.

Should an asset be submitted to you for publication, you can edit it, publish it (scheduled or otherwise), submit it to another user for further review, or decline it and send it back to the user who submitted it to you.