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OU Campus uses templates to make new pages and sections. A template consists of three pieces: a template-control file (TCF), which is the form you fill out when making a new page or section; a template file (TMPL), which handles the design and layout of any pages using that template; and an image file that is used as a thumbnail for the template. These template files are stored in the /_resources/ou/templates folder.

The templates available in your site are based on your website design and are unique to your implementation.

Many administrators restrict access to the _resources folder to "Admin Only." However, if applied recursively, this means that users without access can't see the template thumbnails, as those are stored within _resources.

From Setup > Templates, basic template options can be managed, and template groups can be set up.

Template OptionsLink to this section

The "Template Options" panel shows each template in your site. Each title has three settings that can be modified:

  • Title: The name of the template that appears when creating a new page or section.
  • Access: Choose which group has access to the template. If access is restricted, users not in the group don't see the template as an option when making new content.
  • Thumbnail URL: Set the thumbnail image for the template by entering a URL that points to an image. If left blank, the template uses the .gif thumbnail that matches the TCF file name in the /templates folder (e.g., interior.tcf is matched with interior.gif).

Template GroupsLink to this section

Template groups are used in section access settings to restrict which templates are available when creating content within that section. The "Template Groups" section lists all template groups for the site, showing which templates are in the group, and how many sections use that template group.

To make a new template group:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Templates > Template Groups.
  2. Click the green +New button.
  3. Enter a name for the template group. Names can contain lowercase and uppercase letters, numerals 0 through 9, underscores, hyphens, spaces, and periods, and must be minimum two characters long and maximum thirty-two characters long.
  4. Select the "Show New Folder Button" checkbox if you want the option to create a new, empty folder to be available.
  5. Pick each template to be included in the group. As many templates can be in the group as necessary; likewise, a template can be included in more than one group.
  6. Click Create.

An empty template group can be created. Once the group is assigned to a section, users won't see any templates when clicking +New, making new content creation in that section unavailable.

Template groups can be edited by clicking the name of the group or hovering and clicking Edit. The template group name cannot be changed.

Deleting a template group is permanent and cannot be undone. However, it does not affect the templates in the group. Delete a template group by hovering over it and clicking Delete. Any sections that were subscribing to that template group now have access to all available templates.

To see which sections a particular template group has been assigned to, click the number under the "Subscribers" column when viewing the list of template groups.