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Font Size Sets

You can create custom sets of font sizes that appear in the font size dropdown in the WYSIWYG Editor toolbar. These sets are applied to custom toolbars, which are then assigned to users or content.

To create a new font size set:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Font Size Sets.
  2. Click the green +New button.
  3. Add a name for the set. When assigning a font size set to a toolbar, the choices are listed by name.
  4. Specify the font sizes and units of measurement, using "Add Size" to add up to seven font sizes. It's recommended to define the smallest size first, as that appears the top of the list. Sizes can be three digits long with up to four decimal places.
  5. To remove a font size, click the "x" icon.
  6. Click Save.

Hover over an existing font size set to edit or delete it. Deleting a font size set permanently removes it from the system. Any toolbars using that font size set returns to using the default.