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Custom Dictionary

The dictionary that OU Campus uses for spell checks can have words added to it so they register as spelled. Users levels 0 through 8 can add words via page check or final check, though this is disabled by default in their user settings. Level 9 users have this ability by default, and level 10 users can edit and delete words in Setup > Custom Dictionary.

Custom dictionaries are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Each language has its own dictionary for the site and account level, which function independently of each other. Any words in the account dictionary count for all sites in the account, but words in the site dictionary only apply to that site. When a spell check runs, it uses both the account and site dictionaries, and if a word is found in either, it is not marked as misspelled.

This dictionary is also used for the Insights module. The default dictionary that spell checks use is decided via the locale setting.

To add a new word to the dictionary:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Custom Dictionary.
  2. Select the desired language and dictionary.
  3. Click the green +New button in the top right corner.
  4. Multiple words can be added at once; enter each one on its own line.
  5. Click Save.

Words can be deleted by hovering over them in the list and clicking "Delete." They can also be edited by hovering over and clicking "Edit."