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Tag Access Settings

In addition to regular access settings, folders and sites also have tag access settings, controlling which tags can be applied to files within the folder or site. Tags can be fixed, so they are automatically applied, and filtered to either exclude or allow only certain tags.

To modify tag access settings:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages and find the folder you want to edit.
    Navigate to Setup > Sites.
  2. Hover over the folder or site and select Edit > Tag Access.
  3. Choose whether to apply the changes non-recursively or recursively.
    • "Apply All Settings to This Folder Only" doesn't affect any existing items in the folder, only ones created from this point onwards.
    • "Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders" affects all items currently inside the folder, as well as any created going forwards. Selecting this gives you an additional option:
      • "Add to existing tags": any tags defined are added to existing tags on the items.
      • "Overwrite existing tags": any existing tags are replaced by the defined tags.
    As long as a file stays in the folder, all tag access settings are applied to it. However, if the file is moved to another folder, it is affected by the tag access settings for its new location.
    Any tags set in the page parameters are not affected by the tag access settings.
  4. Enter any fixed tags. Fixed tags are automatically applied to all files within the folder or site, and can't be modified from the individual pages. Collections can't be applied as fixed tags.
  5. Enter any filtered tags or collections. Applying a collection means every tag in that collection is either allowed or disallowed.
    • "Allow only these tags" restricts available tags for files to those specified.
    • "Disallow these tags" blocks users from adding the tags specified.
  6. Click Save.

Tags access settings obey the laws of precedence. Therefore, if a collection is disallowed at a high level, it can still be allowed and available at a lower level.