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Sites and Accounts

The top level of organization in OU Campus is an account. Administration and user management happens at the account level, and many types of system content are shared account-wide as well.

An account can contain one or more sites. Each site corresponds to a live website (though exceptions can be configured) and files are hosted on a per-site basis.



*It is possible to set up multiple sites to pull XSL and design files from one site.

Switching Between SitesLink to this section

If you have more than one site in your account, you can switch between them by using the dropdown in the top-right corner of the screen, under your user name.

A dropdown that lists "www," "library," and "support"

When viewing Content > Pages, you only see the files for one site at a time. Use this dropdown to switch between viewing content for different sites.

Linking to Another SiteLink to this section

When inserting a link, image, or other media, you can link to content hosted on a different site in your account than the one the page you're editing is in. While in the file chooser, switch sites by selecting "Sites" in the breadcrumb above the list of files.An arrow points to a breadcrumb where the top option is "Sites."

This takes you to the list of sites in the account. Choose the site that contains the content you want to insert or link to, and navigate through the file structure to find it.