Checked Out Content


Authority Level: Level 9 and Level 10 administrators will see all checked out content in the report. User levels 0 through 8 will only see content that is checked out to them.

Checked Out Content Report

The Checked Out Content report allows users to see what content (pages, assets, files, etc.) has been checked out. Checked-out content includes files checked out to the current user, locked to other users, files scheduled for publish or expiration, and files pending approval in the workflow. In addition to being able to check in content, an administrator can preview pages and assets that are checked out to others. Lower user levels only see content checked out to them.

The Checked Out Content report includes:

  • The number of items checked out
  • The ability to search through results by file or user name
  • Sorting by  file path, checked out by, or checked out date
  • Clicking the status icon to check in content
  • Administrators may check in files checked out to other users

Sorting Checked Out Content

The content can be organized according to different categories. By clicking the double arrows in the top header and selecting a category below, content can be listed according to the following aspects:

Date: Selecting the Date option sorts the report by ascending date of check out. Clicking the header again sorts the report by descending date of check out.

Path: Selecting the Path option sorts the report by file name in ascending alphabetical order. Clicking the header again sorts the report by file name in descending alphabetical order.

User: Selecting the User option sorts the report by user name in ascending alphabetical order. Clicking the header again sorts the report by descending alphabetical order. 

Sorting Options

Checking In Content

If a content contributor has checked out a page and logged out of the system without checking that page back in, then no other user will be able to edit that page. A Level 9 or 10 administrator may check these pages back in.

Checking in a Single File

To view a record of all the checked out pages and assets in a site and check the content back in:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Checked Out Content.
  2. Select the icon for the appropriate file.
  3. This will open a confirmation modal. Note that any unsaved content will be lost and any scheduled publish or expiration will be canceled. To check the file back in to the system to make it available for other users to edit, click Check In.

Confirmation Modal

Note: Pages which are waiting for approval are also listed here as checked out. Pages in workflow cannot be checked back in here; administrators can do so in the Pending Approvals report.

Checking in Content with a Scheduled Publish or Expiration

If the checked out content is checked out due to a scheduled publish or expiration, clicking the icon will check the file back in, cancelling all scheduled actions.