The Dashboard provides a location within the CMS where each individual user can access user-specific messaging and workflow items. The Dashboard is the default log-in location from the OU Campus for Mobile Login screen.

In the Dashboard, users can see any items submitted to them for approval, their inbox, and any content they have checked-out. If there are multiple sites in an account, they can also switch between them here. 

Dashboard View


The Approvals tab is where approvers can view any pages that have been submitted to them for approval and publication. An approver has the options to publish, decline, reassign, check-in, and view files submitted to them. For more information on the Approvals tab, visit this page.


The Inbox tab displays messages from other users as well as automated messages associated with scheduled actions, such as a notification of scheduled publish or notification of page expiration. It includes a linked list of messages and the functionality to compose a message. For more information on the Inbox tab, visit this page.

Checked Out

The Checked Out tab shows a list of all pages that are either checked out to the user or that they have submitted for approval to another user. Users can preview the pages they have checked out, or check them back into the system. For more information on the Checked Out tab, visit this page.

Switching Between Sites

In the top right corner of your Dashboard, the name of the site you are currently in is displayed. Selecting this will bring up a list of all sites within the account. These sites can be searched through or sorted according to name or last modified date. Selecting a site brings the user to their dashboard in that site.

Switching Sites