OU Campus has an internal messaging system that allows users to send messages to other users and groups of users. These messages can be attached to requests for approval as part of the Workflow process, or they can be sent to users without associating them with a page. All messages can have a copy sent to a user's email address in addition to being sent internally in OU Campus.

In OU Campus for Mobile, all messages reside in the Inbox tab, with the ability to compose, reply, search through, and delete them.


Composing Messages

To write a new message:

  1. Select the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the tab.
  2. This will open up a window where you can compose your message. There are three fields: To, Subject, and Message.
    New Message
    • To: Selecting "To" will bring up the "New Message To" panel, where all users and groups in the account are listed. Depending on user level, some or all of the groups in the account may not be available as recipients (for example, only administrators may send messages to the group "Everyone"). The same message can be sent simultaneously to users and groups. To add recipients, select them from the list. Selected users will have a green checkmark next to their name.
      Adding Recipients
    • Subject: This field is required.
    • Message: This field is not required, but generally helpful.
  3. Once all fields have been filled out, select Send.

Sending a message in OU Campus for Mobile will also send an email with the composed message to the recipient's external email account, as long as the user receiving the message has an email address on file. If no email address is on file, it will only send the message within OU Campus.

Viewing, Replying to, and Deleting Messages

From the Inbox, select a message to read it. Unread messages will be marked with a blue circle.

Use the blue Reply button in the page footer to reply to the message, or the red Delete button to delete it. A user can return to the Inbox without responding to or deleting the message by selecting the arrow in the top left-hand corner of the screen. 

Searching for Messages

The Inbox contains the same search functionality as the rest of OU Campus for Mobile, marked by a magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the tab. Selecting this icon will bring up a field that can be typed into, filtering the contents of the inbox according to what is typed. The Search looks for matching content in the message contents, subjects, and senders.