The Approvals tab is where users can see any pages that have been submitted to them for approvals and publication. Typically approvers are either administrators or Level 0 reviewers, who do not necessarily create or edit content but must approve it before it is published on the institution website. Publication abilities and enforced approvers can be configured on a per-user basis. For more information on user settings, visit this page.

Approvals Options

Actions Menu

Selecting a page in the approvals tab brings up the Actions Menu with the following options:

  • Publish
  • Decline
  • Reassign
  • Check In
  • View


If the file selected is waiting for approval from the current user, then the option to Publish is available. 

Publish Modal

Choosing Publish displays the Publish modal for the page, which has three sections where publishing options can be configured:

  • Version description
  • Final Check. The specific checks available depend on those determined in the site settings. Note that if Final Check has been enforced for the account, the page may not be able to be published if Final Check returns any errors.
  • Options. Includes choosing the publish target, scheduling a publish, and social media options.


If the file selected is waiting for approval from the current user, then the option to Decline is available.

Decline Modal

Decline removes the file from the approver′s workflow and sends the file back to the original sender for further editing and changes. A message may also be included with a decline. Once an approval has been successfully declined, a message is sent to the recipient's inbox internal to OU Campus indicating that their request for approval was denied.


When a file is reassigned, it is removed from the approver′s workflow and placed in the workflow of another user.

To reassign a file:

  1. Select a file and from the Actions menu, choose Reassign.
  2. From the Reassign Approval modal, choose the new approver from the list of users provided. It is important to note here that only Level 9 and 10 administrators and users who have access to that page are shown in the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter a message (which can be toggled to be Private or Public) and select Reassign. A message is not mandatory, but if left blank it will be auto-populated with a phrase indicating the reassignment.
    Reassign Approval
  4. After the page has been reassigned, the approver for the page is changed and this is reflected in the Workflow list view. An internal message is sent to the new approver notifying them that a new page is awaiting approval. The user who originally sent the page also receives a message in the system notifying them that the approver has been changed.

Check In

Choosing Check In removes the page from the workflow and checks it back in to the system.

The changes made to the file are saved, but it is not automatically published. The page must be published for the changes to be updated on the public-facing web site.


Selecting View brings up a preview of how the page will appear. When previewing a page that is in a workflow you are part of, different options may be available depending on the page's status.

If the page has been submitted to you for approval, the options to decline or publish it will also appear.

Preview Publish Options


If a page has messages in its workflow, a notification will appear at the top of the screen indicating the number and senders of messages. Selecting this notification will bring up all messages associated with the workflow, with the option to respond either privately or publicly. 

Message Notification

Messages Screen

To change the audience of a message, select the avatar to the left of the new message field; a dropdown will appear with all users involved in the workflow. Selecting one user will create a private message that only the sender and recipient can see, which will be highlighted in yellow. Selecting "All Participants" will create a public message, highlighted in blue, that can be seen by all members of the workflow.

Searching and Sorting

The magnifying glass and double arrow icons in the top right of the tab can be used to search through pages submitted for approval. Selecting the magnifying glass brings up a search field, which you can type in to filter results by what you are typing. The search bar filters from file path, the user name, and date submitted.

The double arrows will sort the files according to date submitted, name of the user who submitted them, and the type of file.