About OU Campus for Mobile

OU Campus for Mobile is a simplified version of OU Campus designed to facilitate workflow, site administration, and publication of pages from anywhere at any time. It is not equipped to create or edit content; rather, its key functions are sending and receiving messages, running reports, and handling pages in workflows.

As part of the version 10.4 release of OU Campus, OU Campus for Mobile is automatically available to every installation of OU Campus. When logging into OU Campus on a mobile device, you will be prompted to select if you want to use the mobile or desktop version. If you choose "Switch to Desktop," make sure you really want to, as the prompt asking you to switch to mobile won't appear unless you log out or until an hour passes. Besides, we really recommend using the Mobile version on your mobile device anyway.

Example of OU Campus for Mobile Login

For more information about the support site for OU Campus for Mobile, visit this page.

Looking for support for the desktop version of OU Campus? Click here to go to the v10 support site.