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Transcode-It uses a web based front-end for video conversion. Simply upload a video file and Transcode-It will take care of the rest. Transcode-It removes the need for users to keep up with complicated video programs and removes the headaches of installing any and every required video or audio codec.

Transcode-It allows for custom video settings as well as the ability to upload newly created video to the server via FTP.

Here's how:

1. Add E-mail Address.

Once the file has been created, Transcode-It sends an e-mail notification that the video is complete. The email also includes alink to the download location.

TranscodeIt Step 1

2. Select a file.

Browse to the file on the local computer and select the file to be uploaded.

TranscodeIt Step 2

3. Configure the new file.

There are several ways to configure the new file. Transcode-It can be allowed to figure out the best way to handle the file or specific settings can be configured. Choose one of the following:

  • Let Transcode-It figure out appropriate settings for me.

     Transcode-It will automatically create the video for you and requires no knowledge of video codecs or any other video settings. Videos for iPhones and iPods can be created also.

TranscodeIt Step 3

  • Use source video settings.

This will keep the general settings of the file (bitrate/dimensions/etc) and produce a video with the appropriate codec.

TranscodeIt Step 3 Video Settings

  • Let me configure settings.
    The following settings can be configured: bitrate, frame rate, audio rate, and the dimensions. It is recommended that only the dimensions be changed unless you fully understand what adjusting each setting does.
    TranscodeIt Step 3 Self Configure

4. Click Preview if necessary.

5. Handling the video.

Once the file is created, Transcode-It needs to know how to handle the file. There are two ways for the file to be handled. Choose one of the following:

  • Let Me Download it.
    If you select this option, once the file has finished being uploaded you will receive an e-mail with instructions on where to download the file. Please note that the file is only available for 48 hours after which it will be purged from the system.
  • Automatically upload it to my website

    Enter the FTP login information for your server. Transcode-It will attempt to connect to your server and once successful, it will display the directory listing. From here you can navigate to the directory the video will reside and Transcode-It will automatically place the file in that directory and nothing else will be required of you!

Once the file is created and uploaded to the site, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details of where the file was uploaded.

6. Final Results

A few more options after receiving the email:

  • Download
    The link to download the new video is sent, if so configured.
  • Embed Code

Once the file has been created, Transcode-It actually creates the code for the site to display the video. This code can be used with OU Campus to insert the video onto the site.

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