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While the OU Campus Support Site provide a plentitude of information regarding the use and setup of features, a few tips are provides here. You can also contact the OmniUpdate Support team by:

Phone: 800-362-2605
Ticket System: (login required)


Image Editor, Java, and Browsers

Q. Why isn't the Image Editor working? When the button is clicked nothing happens.

A. There are several things that could contribute to the Image Editor not appearing when the Upload or Upload & Edit button is clicked. Three are detailed below.

2. The Image Editor window opened behind the browser window. Check your task bar or minimize the browser window.Java may not be installed, outdated, or disabled. The Image Editor minimally requires Java 5 installed to be able to use it. If Java is not installed, install the most recent version:

Java Downloads Page

If Java is disabled, enable Java in the control panel.

3. The browser might be out of memory (RAM). This can happen when a browser has many tabs open or hasn't been restarted recently, or with large files or lengthy editing periods. Restarting the browser can resolve these issues.

Basic Editing


How do I insert images from other sites?

While in the WYSIWYG editor mode, click on the Insert/edit Image icon.Insert Image Icon A dialog window appears with a field label of External Image type or paste the image URL and click the Load button. The image will appear in the preview window. Complete the "Alternate Text" field and click the "Insert" button.


How do I link to pages on other websites?

While in the WYSIWYG editor mode, select an image or some text that you wish to create as a link. Click the Insert/edit link icon.Create or Modify Link Icon A dialogue window appears with a field label of URL type or paste the page URL and click the Insert Link button.


How do I insert special characters?

While in the WYSIWYG editor mode, place the cursor at the location where the special character is to be inserted. Click on the Insert custom character icon.Special Characters Icon A dialogue window displays with available options. Click the desired special character and it will be automatically inserted on the page.


How do I back up files?

From the Pages tab, navigate to the file that you wish to create a back-up. Click the Backup icon.Backup Icon The selected file will be sent to the versioning system.


How do I upload files?

The ability to upload files is available for users with permission level of 6 or above. Users with permission level 8 or above have the authority to overwrite an existing file. The process begins by selecting the Pages tab under the Contents tab and performing the following procedure:

  1. Navigate to the destination directory.
  2. Click on the Upload button.
  3. Click on the Browse button.
  4. Select the file or files that are to be uploaded
  5. Select a group that will have permission to edit the uploaded editable files.
  6. If the files being uploaded are overwriting existing files the confirmation checkbox must be checked.
  7. Click on the Submit button.

Note: All binary files (images, documents, PDFs) are uploaded directly to the target production server. All editable files (HTML and text) are uploaded initially to the OmniUpdate staging/application server and must adhere to the approval process prior to being published to the target production server. Select the appropriate view of staging server or production server in the Pages tab to confirm that files have been uploaded properly.

File types that can be uploaded to the staging server and are automatically published to the production server as binary files are as follows:

".gif", ".jpg", ".bin", ".hqx", ".sit", ".zip", ".exe", ".pdf", ".mov", ".mp3", ".avi", ".flv", ".mpg", ".au", ".wav", ".doc", ".tar", ".z", ".gz", ".ram", ".ra", ".rm", ".jar", ".class", ".png", ".cab", ".bmp", ".cgi", ".jpeg", ".jpe", ".psd", ".jp2", ".svg", ".wmv", ".tiff", ".tif", ".swf", ".mid", ".mdx", ".mso", ".ico", ".ai", ".db", ".tgz", ".xls", ".ppt", ".wpd", ".rtf", ".rcv", ".mbi", ".elm", ".cnt", ".asa", ".tof", ".wmz", ".htx", ".fla", ".dlz", ".mdb", ".pwd", ".pub", ".lck", ".mno", ".dwt", ".mcw", ".wfm", ".dat", ".ctl", ".ind", ".lst", ".thn", ".pps", ".ksc", ".ext", ".mcw", ".ds_store", ".jbf", ".wrf", ".vcs", ".docx", ".xlsx", ".pptx", ".mpeg", ".mp4", ".mkv", ".amv", ".m4v", ".aif", ".aiff", ".flac", ".ogg", ".mde", ".nb", ".mde", ".ppsx", "epub", "ibooks"

File types that can be uploaded to the staging server and do not automatically get published to the production server are as follows:

".html", ".htm", ".shtml", ".shtm", ".jsp", ".php", ".php3", ".phtml", ".asp", ".chtml", ".cshtml", ".dna", ".cfm", ".inc", ".aspx", ".mht", ".ssi", ".css", ".xsl", ".xslt", ".tmpl", ".tcf", ".js", ".xhtml", ".gsp"

Note: An .ibooks file is actually a folder containing files. Only the Mac Finder and Safari browser treat .ibooks as a file. To upload .ibooks folders to OU Campus, they must be compressed to a ZIP file first, with the following naming syntax: Then when published to a web server, downloaded, and decompressed the proper folder name will be retained for the iBook player to recognize the folder.



How do I date/time stamp pages?

OmniUpdate will automatically add the date a page was last modified to any location on the page itself. As an option, this "date last modified" can become the direct edit entry point for authorized users. The date is actually a hyperlink that will redirect to the authentication page. 

How do I get out of the New Page drop-down menu?

To get out of this setup, simply click elsewhere on the screen -- anywhere outside of the box that drops down with your template options. This is the same for all other drop-down-type options in OmniUpdate: If it doesn't have a close button, and you want to get out of it, click anywhere else on the screen.


What is "clearing my cache" and how do I do it?

Web browser store copies of visited pages. These stored files are used the next time a site is visited. This way, the browser is not being forced to load the page anew each time, which takes more time than simply viewing a stored copy. This storage of pages is called a "cache". However, this cache can sometimes pose a problem if it is necessary to view the most updated version of a page. Clearing one's cache can ensure the most up-to-date version of a page rather than an older copy, is viewed.

The method for clearing the browser cache is different for each browser.

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:




In the Publication Date field of our RSS events feed item, we add the date but something terrible happens: the homepage disappears and I get an error message.

The Publication Date field for an RSS item should ideally be left set to [auto]. The Publication Date will automatically take the date that the page is published and will be formatted correctly. For more information about the proper date format, please see:

Using RSS: Best Practices



How many web pages are there within OmniUpdate folders on your server?

To obtain that information, export the site using the Export Feature (Setup tab > Sites > Export). Right-click that folder the select properties. A pop-up window will appear and in it you will see the properties on the folder such as: 16.2MB on Disk; 671 Files; 179 Folders.


How do I replace something across my entire site?

Please see this search & replace documentation for the answer to this question.


What is a good regex to use when restricting file naming?

One example of a good regex is as follows:

The above regex basically says: "Allow only lower-case letters, numbers, periods, underscores, and dashes."

You can remove any of the elements from within the brackets to restrict file naming even further. For instance, if you want users to only be able to use letters, numbers, and periods (it is important to always allow periods so that users can add the file extension -- .html, for instance), then your regex could look like this:

This allows only letters, numbers, and periods.

To learn more about regexs in OmniUpdate, click here. To learn more about regexs in general, including how they are formed and how to make your own, visit


When a template is updated, why does a page previously created by that template not get updated to use the new style of the updated template?

When a change is made to a template, it is not recursive. The change will be implemented and included when new pages are created using the updated template. To avoid this issue, utililze XML/XSL, which OU Campus fully supports. Using XML/XSL allows one style sheet to be updated and the updates are automatically applied to new pages as well as existing pages.

Troubleshooting Miscellaneous


Logging In/General:

I found the login screen, and though I'm absolutely sure my username and password are correct, I can't get in.

You may need to have your password reset. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

Everything I try, I get a "Sorry, the request could not be completed!" What's the deal?

OmniUpdate's authentication is session-based, and apparently your session is no longer valid. Simply close all of your browser's windows, and try logging in again. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.


Page Access:

I try to check out a page, but it says that I can't because somebody else already has it checked out - how do I get it from them?

There are two ways to get a page back from a user that has a page checked out. First, you can ask them to check the page back in by clicking on their name, where you'll be prompted to send them a message. Or, if the person is unavailable (on vacation, etc) you can ask your system administrator to release the page.

I want to edit a page, or navigate to a folder, but it's not a link - I can't click it to edit it or move into it. How do I get in to edit the page, or browse through that directory? (This also applies to those getting Access Denied when trying to edit a particular region.)

Pages are listed but do not become links for Level 4-8 users who do not have permission to edit the page. To fix this, ask your administrator for access to the page or directory. Levels 0-3 should not have this problem, as they only see what they're allowed to edit. Levels 9 & 10 ignore page access permissions.


Page Editing

When I attempt to insert an image or link, I get an error.

Most likely, this is a problem with either your site setup, or your production server. Contact your system administrator to fix this.


Pages Tab

I clicked on the Pages Tab, and it says "Sorry, an error occurred while processing the request! Please try again" in big red lettering. What's causing this?

This problem usually occurs when a site is first being set up. This happens when OmniUpdate has trouble accessing the staging server for your site. You can have this fixed by having your system administrator contact OmniUpdate Support.


Page Publishing

Normally, I can click Publish and a page I've been working on goes live right away. However, I'm only being presented with a box to send the file to another user. What am I doing wrong?

Most likely, nothing. Not only can users be required to have their pages approved, but other pages as well. This is the most likely scenario. Send the page off to your approver using the dialogue box presented, and they'll let you know (using OmniUpdate) whether or not the page was approved.



I renamed directories using my FTP access, and now OmniUpdate doesn't recognize the folder as clickable!

This happens when you rename directories via staging server FTP access because OmniUpdate's database cannot detect the change you've made through FTP. To make OmniUpdate recognize the folders/files again, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the affected account/site.
  2. Once you're in OmniUpdate, look at the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser window. Find the part of the URL that says "&site=SOMETHING". Copy the "something" part.
  3. Open a new window or tab and paste in the following URL, adjusting the "SOMETHING" to match that in the previous step:
  4. Now, hit "Enter" (this may take a moment to several minutes depending upon the number of files in the site).
  5. A response of "OK" means the operation was complete; go back into OmniUpdate and see if your problem has been resolved. If it has not, contact Support.


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