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In addition to Training Tuesdays webinars, on-site training, the support site, the annual conference, and a live support team, OmniUpdate has also recorded a number of short video tutorials. The length of the videos ranges from about two to eight minutes and are designed to provide a bit of detailed guidance about one aspect of using the OU Campus interface. These are mostly for features of the WYSIWYG Editor.

Click one of the links below for video tutorials page that plays in flash format. The tutorials can also be downloaded or played in MP4 format.

Note: The MP4 versions of the videos below are encoded with the industry-standard H.264 video codec, which is currently not supported by Firefox. These videos can be viewed properly in any other browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).

Video Title    
Creating Add-Ons MP4 FLV
Using Autoversioning for Pages MP4 FLV
Backing Up Pages MP4 FLV
Checking Links MP4 FLV
Cleaning Up Messy Code MP4 FLV
Creating Tables MP4 FLV
Editing Page Properties MP4 FLV
Inserting Anchors MP4 FLV
Inserting, Editing, and Deleting Links MP4 FLV
Moving and Deleting Files MP4 FLV
Using Multibrowser Preview MP4 FLV
Recycling and Restoring Files MP4 FLV
Reverting to the WYSIWYG Editor MP4 FLV
Toggling Guidelines and Invisible Elements MP4 FLV
Uploading Images to the Production Server and Editing MP4 FLV
Using the Image Editor MP4 FLV
Using Spellcheck MP4 FLV

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