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The network of support for OU Campus includes a variety of opportunities for multimedia training. These include Training Tuesdays webinars both live and recorded, short video tutorials, on-site training, the support site, PDFs, and the annual conference and workshops.

Training Tuesdays

OmniUpdate, Inc., provides free monthly training classes on OU Campus topics of interest. The classes are held the last Tuesday of every month and open to all OmniUpdate customers (administrators and users). The 30- to 45-minute sessions cover both new and existing OU Campus features and close with a Q&A session. Please see the Training Tuesday page for more information:

Training Tuesdays


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Video Tutorials

Also available are a number of short video tutorials. The length of the videos ranges from about two to eight minutes and are designed to provide a bit of detailed guidance about one aspect of using the OU Campus interface such as the image editor, publishing a page, or cleaning up messy code. They're also available for download in MP4 format. Please see:

Video Tutorials


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User and Reference Guides

Various end-user and reference guides are available in PDF format, including the OU Campus End-User Reference Guide and the OU Campus Administrator Reference Guide. Please see this page for a complete list:

User and Reference Guides


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